2018 Topps is out January 31st!

In anticipation of the release of 2018 Topps, I have created a slideshow showing how some of the cards look like including the back of a base card. Check it out!

  • 2018 Topps 1983 Insert Mike Trout Autograph
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2018 Topps Series One Rookies Announced!

Today Topps announced that there will be 43 rookies in 2018 Topps Series One. Here is the list:

Ozzie Albies - Atlanta Braves 2B

Greg Allen - Cleveland Indians OF

Brian Anderson - Miami Marlins 3B

Miguel Andujar - New York Yankees 3B

Harrison Bader - St. Louis Cardinals OF

Anthony Banda - Arizona Diamondbacks P

Paul Blackburn- Oakland Athletics P

Parker Bridwell - Angels P

Walker Buehler - Los Angeles Dodgers P

Willie Calhoun - Texas Rangers OF

Garrett Cooper - New York Yankees 1B

J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies SS

J.D. Davis - Houston Astros 3B

Nicky Delmonico - Chicago White Sox OF

Rafael Devers - Boston Red Sox 3B

Erick Fedde - Washington Nationals P

Clint Frazier - New York Yankees OF

Max Fried - Atlanta Braves P

Cam Gallagher - Kansas City Royals C

Luiz Gohara - Atlanta Braves P

Zack Granite - Minnesota Twins OF

Austin Hays - Baltimore Orioles OF

Rhys Hoskins - Philadelphia Phillies 1B/OF

Tyler Mahle - Cincinnati Reds P

Ryan McMahon - Colorado Rockies 1B

Francisco Mejia - Cleveland Indians C

Dillon Peters - Miami Marlins P

Raudy Read - Washington Nationals C

Victor Robles - Washington Nationals OF

Amed Rosario - New York Mets SS

Chris Rowley - Toronto Blue Jays P

Luis Santos - Toronto Blue Jays P

Jimmie Sherfy - Arizona Diamondbacks P

Lucas Sims - Atlanta Braves P

Chance Sisco - Baltimore Orioles C

Aaron Slegers - Minnesota Twins P

Dominic Smith - New York Mets 1B

Jackson Stephens - Cincinnati Reds P

Andrew Stevenson - Washington Nationals OF

Richard Urena - Toronto Blue Jays SS

Alex Verdugo - Los Angeles Dodgers OF

Nick Williams - Philadelphia Phillies OF

Brandon Woodruff - Milwaukee Brewers P

This product will come out on January 31 and I'll be ripping a jumbo box on or about that day.

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Revisiting 2014 Topps Jumbos…

So four years ago, I opened a couple of 2014 Topps Jumbos in hopes of trading them for vintage cards I need for my sets. I plan on getting a 2018 Topps Jumbo Box and hope to trade my hits for vintage as well. Here's what I did four years ago...

I decided to create a new category to my blog called “Two Point Conversion”. What is it you may ask? This is simply a breakdown of what I open from TWO boxes of a Topps product and my attempt to CONVERT these two boxes into vintage cards I need for my lifelong Topps master set collection. You will see how much I paid for the two boxes along with how much I sold the cards pulled from the boxes. None of the cards will wind up in my personal collection (except one base set to continue my Topps run).

AMOUNT SPENT: This time around I spent $179.90 from Blowout Cards. The product was due out on Wednesday, January 29th and I received mine on Monday, February 3rd. If you buy a case from them, you will receive it on Wednesday as they drop ship the package. If you order boxes, it takes a little longer because the cases are shipped to Blowout, then they open the cases and ship individual boxes from the cases.
Here is a list of the cards I pulled from Box #1 --

Base cards -- I was one card away from a set as card #263 was missing.
Gold cards -- 34-195-248-265-299
Red Foil -- 48-80-110-130-135-140-180-211-262-319
Camo -- #52 Jim Adduci 77/99
Black -- #232 Chris Owings 44/63
Power Players -- 48 Max Scherzer, 57 Justin Upton, 68 Torii Hunter
Upper Class -- 7-16-24-27-30-32-33-41-45-47
The Future Is Now -- 4-7-7-9-16-18-24-25-25-27
1989 Minis -- 26-31-34-40-43
Topps All-Rookie Cup Team -- 3-10
Before They Were Great -- 10-14
50 Years of the Draft -- 1-3-10
Topps 75 Originals -- 1961 #235 Camilio Pascual, 1977 #393 John Lowenstein
Trajectory Game Used Jersey Card -- Salavador Perez
Trajectory Autograph Card -- Andre Rienzo
Silver Class Ring Manufactured Relic Card -- Babe Ruth
Here is a list of the cards I pulled from Box #2 --

Base cards -- I was two cards away from a set as card #263 and #288 were missing.
Gold cards -- 12-39-72-83-113
Red Foil -- 2-24-54-76-78-109-138-165-217-282 (Got a Manny Machado which was nice)
Black -- #277 Mike Leake 05/63
Power Players -- 19 Matt Adams, 61 Joey Votto, 105 Carlos Ruiz
Upper Class -- 1-9-10-20-26-31-32-34-40-43
The Future Is Now -- 4-5-9-12-13-16-21-22-28-30
1989 Minis -- 5-13-21-30-38
Topps All-Rookie Cup Team -- 2-7-8
Before They Were Great -- 3-5-9
50 Years of the Draft -- 2-8
Topps 75 Originals -- 1971 #302 Phil Gagliano, 1976 #430 Jose Cardenal
The Future Is Now Game Used Jersey Card -- Manny Machado 57/99

Trajectory Autograph Card -- Paul Goldschmidt

Silver Class Ring Manufactured Relic Card -- Derek Jeter

Silver Class Ring Manufactured Relic Card --
Babe Ruth $15

The Future Is Now Game Used Jersey Card --
Manny Machado 57/99 $15

Trajectory Autograph Card --
Paul Goldschmidt $15

Silver Class Ring Manufactured Relic Card --
Derek Jeter $15

2014 Topps Series One Set --
$25 (keeping)

2014 Topps Series One Set --

2014 Topps Gold lot of 10 cards --

2014 Topps Red Foil lot of 20 cards --

2014 Topps #52 Jim Adduci CAMO 77/99 --

2014 Topps #277 Mike Leake BLACK 05/63 --

2014 Topps #232 Chris Owings BLACK 44/63 --

2014 Topps Power Players lot of 6 cards --

2014 Topps Upper Class lot of 20 cards --

2014 Topps The Future Is Now lot of 20 cards --

2014 Topps 1989 Mini lot of 10 cards --

2014 Topps All-Rookie Cup Team lot of 4 cards --

2014 Topps Before They Were Great lot of 5 cards --

2014 Topps 50 Years of the Draft lot of 5 cards --

2014 Topps 75th Anniversary lot of 4 cards --

2014 Topps Trajectory Game-Used Relic card of Salvador Perez --

2014 Topps Trajectory Autograph Andre Rienzo --

After opening both jumbo boxes, I have done the following:

Received the three cards I needed to complete two base sets

Sold all cards except for one base set for $147.22. Also, I gave all my triplicates to my son.

With the money from the sales, I purchased the following cards for my 1958 Topps set:

1958 Topps #270 Warren Spahn (Book Value: $60) PAID: $21
1958 Topps #25 Don Drysdale (Book Value: $100) PAID: $21
1958 Topps #482 Ernie Banks All Star (Book Value: $40) PAID: $16
1958 Topps #285 Frank Robinson (Book Value: $100) PAID: $29
1958 Topps #324 Hoyt Wilhelm (Book Value: $25) PAID: $9
1958 Topps #424 Larry Doby (Book Value: $25) PAID: $8.50
1958 Topps #40 George Kell (Book Value: $30) PAID: $9.50
1958 Topps #230 Richie Ashburn (Book Value: $40) PAID: $13.50
1958 Topps #90 Robin Roberts (Book Value: $30) PAID: $17.50

2014 Topps Ser. 1 Jumbos (2) - $179.90
Cards Sold - $147.22
Base set for private collection - $25.00
Net profit/loss - $7.68 loss
1958 Topps bought - 9 HOFers $145.00
Money leftover - $2.22

This was a lot of fun to be able to open two jumbo boxes, sell the cards, and buy cards needed for my 1958 set. To have only a $7.68 loss is actually really good and is much better than average. The cards I bought all are in at least EX or better condition. Some of the scans might not do these cards justice. To be able to convert two jumbo boxes of Topps Series One into NINE quality 1958 Topps HALL OF FAMERS, with a book value of $450.00, made this Two Point Conversion a touchdown in my book. Don't you think?

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Talking About Collecting and Baseball Card Storage…

Before we can talk about how to store your collection it is important to know what you want to collect. You need to ask yourself, "what is most important to me"? It seems there are two types of card collectors out there: player or team collectors, and set collectors. Anyone that has been following my blog knows that I'm a Topps set collector.

You need to set realistic goals. You can't set a goal of collecting every Mickey Mantle card that exists because that's not realistic. There are too many oddball issues that are out there and are too numerous to count (not to mention expensive!). The goal I have set for myself is to have a complete set of Topps cards from 1951 to present. While this may seem unrealistic for most, for me, it is and has been a lifelong goal. It seemed very unrealistic 25 years ago when I started this huge undertaking but I have been getting closer and closer and maybe by the time I'm 60 years old (I'm 46 right now), I'll complete this. You can check out my progress at MY WANT LIST


And the last thing to remember, which is most important, is to HAVE FUN! I enjoy how cards capture baseball history and can't wait for my five year old son to grow up so I can share my passion for sports and sportscards with him. I also have a couple of brand new Wilson racquets I bought from https://tennisracquets.com/, which I'm about to gift him.

Storing and organizing cards. I don't recommend storing cards by value because values change over time. If you are a player collector it might be best to sort them by year so that the rookie cards are on top. If you are a set collector like me, just store them in numerical order. Now that you have organized your cards you will now need to store them. There are many people that have suggestions on storing. What works for me, might not work for you. I store all of my sets in Univenture binders. The ones I use are 1.5 inches wide and I use two of these for most sets. Here is a picture:

I posted more pics at atularvind.com if you'd like to check them out. These binders close completely so that it keeps the dust out. They also provide a tight fit so they do not warp from being stored upright. For me, I like the "encyclopedia" look and the protection the binders provide. I bought 200 of these binders at less than $2 each. I use Ultra Pro PVC free nine pocket sheets for my cards and these usually run about $15-$18 for a 100 count box.

Why do I use binders instead of storage boxes? Well, if you don't want to look at your collection, I recommend 800 count storage boxes. However, for me that is not fun. I like to look at my sets from time to time. I find some of the uniforms and hairstyles quite humorous. Just look at the 1976 Topps Traded card of Oscar Gamble. Talk about a classic!

As far as tracking my collection, I don't use any special software. I use my web site to track my want list and I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep up with my inventory.

I hope you find this little blog helpful. You can always reach me at parker94ttu@gmail.com if I can be of further help.

Happy card collecting!

Craig from Texas

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443 more to go…

As most of you who follow my blog know, I am working on a collection of all Topps base sets from 1951 to present. As of right now, I need 443 more cards to complete this lifetime goal.

I would like to finish off the 1961 Topps set soon although I need the most expensive card in the set -- Mickey Mantle. I only need five more cards! By completing the 1961 set, I would then have every complete set from 1959 to present. Then I would focus on 1958 in which I need just 12 cards to complete that set. Then I would have every set from 1957 to present. However, once again, in order to complete that set, I need Mickey Mantle!

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Topps Offers Sneak Peek at 2018 Topps Series One!

Today, Topps unveils one out of the 350 base cards in the 2018 Topps Series One set. This set goes live January 31 and I'll be opening a jumbo box at that time.

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2018 Topps Series One is three weeks away!

For the 67th consecutive year, Topps will be releasing their flagship brand that proves to be the most popular set collected by collectors on January 31st! The base set will have 350 cards in Series one. There will be a ton of inserts to chase after. I have ordered a jumbo box and look forward to opening it. I'll be posting the results of my break right here in a future post.

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2018 Topps Heritage Presell Prices Reach $1,000!

Last year, Topps Heritage soared in price once collectors caught on to the Aaron Judge craze. Cases were selling for over three times what I paid for mine. This year, prices have once again gone up and we are still over a month and a half away from release date? Why is this? Many are speculating that distributors are holding back product. Some say that they think there will be special Ohtani rookie cards. This is not true as Topps has already said that Ohtani won't be in products until late Spring. Whatever the reason for the four figure price tag, this has me out of the case buying game. For years I've bought my cases around the $650 mark. This year, I've decided to buy retail versus hobby. Just can't afford the high prices of hobby. I'm still excited for the release. Product releases February 28th.

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2018 Topps Heritage Sell Sheet (page 3 of 9)

The 2018 Topps Heritage set has 500 base cards.  Of those base cards, 100 of them are short printed.  There will be a bunch of variations, minis, and chrome parallels to collect.  Throwback uniform variations are very popular with collectors and extremely limited.  Action image variations and team name color variations are found in hobby only and give set collectors more cards to chase after in completing their master sets.  I was told that every base card will have a mini variation card serially numbered to 100.  In the past their have only been 100 mini cards on the checklist.  As far as chromes go, black refractors are back by popular demand.  Last year, they had blue refractors and some of the chromes were hard to tell the difference unless you knew what to look for.  This year I was told that you will be able to tell the difference quite easily.  Chromes will most likely be serially numbered to 999, refractors to 569, blacks to 69, gold to 5, and superfractors to 1.  Also, there will be a hot box refractor parallel in which every pack in a box will have a special refractor.  In years past these have been referred to as purple refractors.   Here is the third page of the 2018 Topps Heritage sell sheet:

I will continue to break down the rest of the sell sheets in future posts so stay tuned. Thank you!

Craig from Texas


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Disc Golf Victory Equals 1952 Topps Card!

Hello, yesterday I shared with you that if I beat my brother in a round of disc golf, he would be getting me one of the 444 remaining cards I need for my Topps set run collection! Well, the weather was perfect this morning and I played pretty well. My all time best score on this course is 78. Since I just started playing last June, my goal for 2018 is to shoot par for this course. It will be a difficult challenge but I think it is possible.

My brother and I played close until Hole 15. Then he imploded. To his defense, the winds really picked up as he was shooting and a few of his shots were unintentional rollers that rolled away from the basket. Here's the scorecard:

So my record for 2018 is now 1-0! My brother was quick to pay his debt as he gave me my trophy for winning. Here it is:

So now I'm only 443 cards away from having every Topps base card! My brother wants to play again soon. Hopefully I will win again. I'll keep you posted.

Craig from Texas

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