Disc Golf Victory Equals 1952 Topps Card!

Hello, yesterday I shared with you that if I beat my brother in a round of disc golf, he would be getting me one of the 444 remaining cards I need for my Topps set run collection! Well, the weather was perfect this morning and I played pretty well. My all time best score on this course is 78. Since I just started playing last June, my goal for 2018 is to shoot par for this course. It will be a difficult challenge but I think it is possible.

My brother and I played close until Hole 15. Then he imploded. To his defense, the winds really picked up as he was shooting and a few of his shots were unintentional rollers that rolled away from the basket. Here's the scorecard:

So my record for 2018 is now 1-0! My brother was quick to pay his debt as he gave me my trophy for winning. Here it is:

So now I'm only 443 cards away from having every Topps base card! My brother wants to play again soon. Hopefully I will win again. I'll keep you posted.

Craig from Texas

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