The Topps Sell Sheet / Photo Project — 1953

Imagine it is 1953. You are a young kid riding your bike to the corner grocery store while donning the cap of your favorite baseball team. You just got through listening to your team win on the radio. As you enter the store, you walk down one of the aisles and this is the sight you see:
Packs of baseball cards!! You grab one of these in hopes of finding a Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays baseball card. You walk to the store clerk, give him a nickel, and walk out the door while quickly unraveling the wrapper to see what five cards are inside. Rats! No Mantle or Mays this time so you take the five cards, apply them to the spokes of your bicycle tires, and speed off down the street while enjoying the sounds that the tires are making.

This scenario was very typical for baseball-loving kids back in the 1950’s. I love the way how certain pictures can not only capture a memory in time forever, but also tell a story like this one does. I really enjoy this picture – in fact, it is my favorite picture that I have of old Topps cards. I even like this one better than the famous Woolworth picture showcasing 1952 Topps.

Do you have any old Topps pictures or sell sheets promoting Topps cards? I would love to have them if you do. Simply send me an email. My email address is As you probably know by now, I am looking for one picture or sell sheet (also known as a promo sheet) for each year Topps cards have been produced. I am completely satisfied with my selections for 1951, 1952, and 1953 as I do not think that they can get any better. However, this one was a close second for 1953:
Stay tuned for 1954. I will tell you right now that I have nothing for 1956 so if you do, please let me know!!!

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