Craziness Over The Weekend — 1954 Topps

Well, as most of you that follow my blog know by now, I am actively working on a 1954 Topps set. My condition requirements are that every card must be at least a PSA 3. I have found some really good deals on these cards lately including Hall of Famer Warren Spahn in PSA 3 condition for $17 delivered. Over the weekend, I got a little carried away as I found a partial set being sold one card at a time. I placed bids on 68 cards thinking that I would be lucky to end up with 20-30 of these cards. After checking my emails at the end of the day, it turns out that I actually won all 68 cards that I bid on. Yikes! I wasn’t expecting to win that many so now I have to immediately sell some of my extra baseball cards to raise money to pay for these. The cards I won are all at least PSA 3 with some being as high as a PSA 5. I couldn’t believe a number of these cards sold for around $4 each. The holder from PSA cost more than that, doesn’t it? Anyway, here are a few of the highlights from my weekend craziness:

1954 Topps #25 Harvey Kuenn RC – book value $40 -- bought for $6.29 delivered
1954 Topps #36 Hoyt Wilhelm – book value $50 -- bought for $7.29 delivered
1954 Topps #52 Vic Power RC – book value $40 -- bought for $10.50 delivered
Once I receive the purchases I made, I will now have 28.8% of the 1954 Topps set! Another thing I like about this set is that it is not incredibly hard to put together. Don’t get me wrong, the set is expensive but if you are going for low grade cards which I am, most of the cards in the set can be had at $10 or less. Also, keep in mind that Mickey Mantle is not in the set as he was exclusive to Bowman in 1954. There are some tough rookies such as Aaron, Banks, and Kaline that will set a collector back in any condition. However, looking at the set, there are only 19 cards that book at $100 or more. Another fact is that there are only 11 cards that book for more than the Spahn. Considering I got the Warren Spahn for $17 and the fact that this card books at $125 makes it seem like this set could be completed in a couple of years. It could be completed sooner if I wasn’t actively working on other sets.

I really frowned on the idea of having PSA 3 quality cards in my set collection. All of my older sets are at least PSA 5 quality or higher. None of my cards in my sets from 1955 to present are in PSA holders. However, after receiving some of the 1954’s in the mail, I have decided that the cards look really nice in the holders. I just wish I can think of a cool way to display and/or store the cards. Does anyone have any ideas?

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