Nice Find During My 1954 Topps Quest

If you follow my blog, you should know that I have been working on a 1954 Topps low grade PSA set. I have found a few pretty good deals out there such as a PSA 3 Warren Spahn for $17.00. The Spahn has a high book value of $125 so getting a PSA 3 for 13.6% of book is a good deal for me.

Yesterday, I was surfing EBay and came across a 1954 Topps PSA 4 Duke Snider with less than ten minutes left. The card was only at $15 which I knew wouldn’t stay at that price at the end of the auction. I went ahead and placed a bid of around $25.00 or so just to see if I could possibly get a great deal on the Snider. The Snider has a high book value of $200. After the auction ended, I could not believe that I actually won this card at a price of $24.60!
It didn’t even cost me that much as I had some EBay bucks to spend. I believe that the card actually ended up costing me only $13. At a price of $24.60, I was able to get the Snider at 12.3% of book. If you compare that to the Spahn I bought, that is a better deal not to mention that the Snider is a whole PSA grade point higher! 🙂

With the purchase of the Snider, my 1954 Topps set stands now at 73 out of 250 cards complete. That is a percentage of 29.2% to completion. I know I have a long way to go with this. The good news for me is that I have knocked out one of the more expensive cards in the set. Only nine cards are worth more than the Snider and there is no Mantle in the 1954 Topps set.

I will continue to look for some great deals. If I can find more of the key cards at 12 to 13 percent of high book, I will have this set completed a lot sooner than I expected. Stay tuned to my daily blog as I will continue to bring you more from the world of vintage Topps and Topps Heritage along with a few odds and ends here and there.


Craig from Texas

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