The Topps Sell Sheet / Photo Project — 1955

1955 was the first year that Topps produced cards with horizontal fronts and backs. I currently have 179 cards out of this 206 card set -- all in solid EX or better condition. So my set is now 86% complete. It will take me some time to complete this as I still need some of the most valuable cards in this set including Roberto Clemente's rookie card.
As far as my sell sheet/photo project goes, my 1955 entry is on need of an upgrade. Although I like the following sample, I would prefer to get something that fills up a full sized sheet of paper. As I have mentioned before, I'm looking for something from each year Topps produced cards whether it be a sell sheet or photo so I can put it as a cover page for each one of my Topps sets. Here is the Topps "salesman sample" for 1955:
If you have a sell sheet or a photo representing 1955 Topps, you may email it to me at as I would love to have it! Meanwhile, as a backup, I'll be using a picture of a 1955 Topps wrapper and a 1955 Topps box as my cover for my 1955 Topps set until something better comes along.


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