A Mail Day I Won’t Soon Forget!!

As you know if you have been reading my blog, I am working on having a complete Topps set run from 1955 to present in EX or better condition. There have been several of you that have helped me over the years since my first online trade back in 1992. Today, I get the following surprise from a good trading buddy of mine, Leon from New Jersey:
This is a 1958 Topps team card of the Dodgers. Leon knows how long I have been working on the 1958 Topps set and every time I get a card, I am one card closer to set completion. I won’t be completing this set anytime soon – I still lack 48 cards to complete this monster. I am currently at 90% of set completion. Unfortunately, I do need the Mickey Mantle card which is hard to find at a reasonable price in EX or better condition. I am always thankful for Leon’s efforts. Without his efforts, my collection wouldn’t be near what it is today.

Although I was really excited to get the 1958 Topps team card of the Dodgers, I noticed a little something extra in the package he sent me. It had a note to it that simply said “Merry Christmas”. Inside, there was a 1966 Topps Don Drysdale card which I needed for my 1966 Topps set!
I could not believe his generosity to send me that. Simply a great present from a great person. Thank you so much Leon! Now I have updated my want list. Only 386 more cards until I am complete from 1955 to present! 🙂

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