1964 Topps — Now Only SIX More Until Completion!!!

Well, I am now one step away from a goal I have had for a long, long time – completing the 1964 Topps set in EX or better condition. I am now officially SIX cards away from completing this monster set after adding this Hall of Famer!
One great thing about the remaining six is that none of them will be really difficult to obtain. I already have the big names such as Mantle, Koufax, Clemente, Aaron, and Mays. One thing about the 1964 Topps set is that there are not any key rookie cards that are really pricy. I believe the most expensive one is Phil Niekro at $80 which is the most expensive of the six remaining cards I need. Here are the remaining six I need:
I will continue to update my progress on this set as I am ready to put this one away. Please continue to follow my blog and follow me on Twitter (link is on the right side of the screen).


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