Could I Be Four Away From 1964 Topps Set Completion?

Well, after tonight I may be just FOUR cards shy of completing my 1964 Topps set in EX or better condition. Here are the cards I need:
I placed a bid on a near mint Minnesota Twins Team Card that ends later tonight. If I win this one, I will then be just four cards away from completing my 1964 Topps set. Last month, I completed my 1965 Topps set. I still need a dozen cards to complete my 1967 Topps set and over 50 to complete my 1966 Topps set. Once I finish off the 1964, 1966, and 1967 Topps sets, I'll have a complete Topps set run from 1964 to present.

Stay tuned until tomorrow and I'll let you know if I won the card I bid on.

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