Only 14 Cards To Complete Two Sets From The 60’s!!

I had a goal at the beginning of the year to complete my Topps sets from 1964 through 1967. I will not complete that almost unrealistic goal but I am proud of how close I'll be at year end. A couple of months ago I completed the 1965 Topps set. I'm still 55 cards away from the 1966 while most of my progress has been with the 1967 Topps set (only 11 cards away) and the 1964 Topps set (only 3 cards away).

Here is what I need to complete the 1964 and 1967 Topps sets:


If anyone out there has one or more of my wants in EX or better condition at a decent price, please let me know. I'm pretty sure Santa will not be getting me any of these. :0)

Craig from Texas

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