Only 9 More To Go For 1964 Topps Set!!

Yesterday I told you about a guy who has helped me tremendously lately in my quest to complete my 1964 Topps set. He sold me ten of the twenty cards I needed at a great price. Needing only ten more to go, I'm actively working to finish this one off. I found this one as a Buy It Now on EBay deal.
This card books at $15 and I paid $3.50 delivered for it. A great deal if you ask me. 🙂

Now I only need nine more to go. Here is what I lack:

Hopefully it will not take me too long to finish off this monster of a set. Once I do, I will be actively working on the 1967 Topps set where I only need 13 more cards. Unfortunately, one of the cards I need is Tom Seaver.

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