The Topps Sell Sheet / Photo Project — 1965

The 1965 Topps set has in my opinion the second best Topps design of all time (1957 is my favorite). The bright colors look very attractive and a lot of the photos are very close up making this set very eye appealing. I completed this set several weeks ago thanks to many of my followers. Without them, my card collection wouldn't be what it is today. In the front of my set, as with all of my sets, I like to include a sell sheet or a photo of Topps cards for that year. For 1965, this is what I have:
It would be nice to have a sell sheet for all of the years of Topps cards but I'm missing several. If you or anyone you know has any sell sheets, I'd be interested in them. My email address is:

Here are some pack wrappers and wax boxes from 1965:

Stay tuned as I will share my sell sheet for 1966 Topps soon! :0)

Craig from Texas

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