1966 Topps — Only FOUR More To Go!!!

After many years, I am now only four cards away from completing a very challenging set from the 1960’s – the 1966 Topps set. This set is like many of the other older vintage sets in that it has a high number series that is shortprinted. These high number cards are tougher find than the others. Here is a picture of the cards I just added to my collection yesterday:
And I just made a deal for four more 1966 Topps cards so I will be getting these in the mail soon…
#527 Julio Navarro
#583 Tigers Team SP
#586 Claude Raymond SP
#591 Bart Shirley/Grant Jackson SP

Now, all I lack are these four cards and then my set will be finished!
#535 Willie Davis SP $40
#556 Mel Queen SP $30
#567 Dick Howser SP $40
#598 Gaylord Perry SP $200

Unfortunately, one of them is Gaylord Perry who is a Hall of Famer and a shortprint so it might take a little time before I get that one. It will most likely be the last card I need to complete this set. Coincidentally, his card number of 598 is the last card in this 598 card set.
I will be glad to finally put this set away. It might take a month or two but I will be focused on making it happen soon. Once this set is completed, I will have a complete Topps set run from 1964 to present! I have made a lot of progress on my sets from the 1960’s as this time last year I still lacked quite a few from 1964 to 1967. So guess what is next for me once I have a complete Topps set run from 1964 to present? You probably guessed right – completing the 1963 Topps set. At least I have this card already…
My 1963 Topps lacks only 11 cards. Unfortunately, most of them are bigger names like Willie Mays, Harmon Killebrew, Hank Aaron, and Roberto Clemente. Oh well, it will be fun chasing these and putting another vintage set to rest! I couldn’t have done all of this without the help of a handful of friends. Many thanks to Leon, Pete, and Terry!

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