A Big Thanks Yesterday on Thanksgiving

A couple if weeks ago I received an email from a guy asking if I had about six Topps Heritage cards from 2003. He was working on a set and I was glad to try to help him out. Most of the cards he needed were $2 cards. I told him to give me his address and I would send them to him free of charge. He was surprised that I would just send these cards to him for free but I know how it is when you are just a few cards away from set completion.

After some time had passed, I received an email from this guy asking me if I had a want list. I told him that the cards I need for my sets are $10 and greater but if he wanted to look, my want lists can be found at:

A few more days passed and the guy asks me for my address stating that he has a card off of my 1967 Topps wantlist in EX condition:

I asked him what he would want for it, not knowing at this time which card he has. All I need are 12 cards to complete my 1967 Topps set so the fact that he has one of these has me intrigued. I have yet to hear back from him so I'm thinking he may just be giving me a card I need!

Card collecting is fun -- especially when you can help each other out. I will keep you updated to let you know if he sends me a card I need and what card it is.

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