Honored To Be Quoted By Sports Collectors Daily

Sports Collectors Daily recently asked me for a few of my opinions in regards to the 1967 Topps set and published an article that includes my opinions as well as from some other leaders in the vintage card collecting world. The 1967 Topps set has been a very tough one for me to complete as the high numbers seem to go for way more than Beckett prices. It is also tough for me because I still need the Seaver rookie as well as the Brooks Robinson shortprint. Here are the TEN cards I need to complete this set:
My goal is to complete this set by year end. Stay tuned to my blog to found out if I can complete this monumental goal. If I do, I will have a complete Topps set run from 1964 to present with the exception of 1966 Topps which is currently missing 55 cards.
Please check out this link to the Sports Collectors Daily article:

1967 Topps Baseball High Numbers Keep Collectors Hunting


Craig from Texas

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One Response to Honored To Be Quoted By Sports Collectors Daily

  1. Zach says:

    Congrats on the feature on the Sports Collectors Daily! I’ve just recently gotten back in to collecting and having discovered your blog…there’s so much great information here.

    I gave up collecting for over 20 years and while so many hobbyists have established goals for 2013, mine is simply to get back to collecting in general. So far, a week in, it feels great and I’m having loads of fun re-learning what’s what. That shared, I don’t think I have a single 1960’s card in my collection, let alone what appears to be a stunner of a set with the 1967 Topps. However, I am hopeful of completing my first sets this year, being the Topps 1977, 1986, 1987 and Upper Deck 1989.

    Looking forward to more of your posts while also digging deep into your backlog.


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