1980 Topps Baseball Wax Pack Rip

I now have a new category that I added to my blog called Vintage Video. This will allow Topps fans to see vintage packs being opened. Today, it is my honor to have Dave and Melissa open up a vintage pack of 1980 Topps in hopes of the highly coveted prize of a Rickey Henderson rookie card. Will they find it? Check out the video here to find out:

Vintage Video #1: 1980 Topps Pack Rip

You can follow Dave on Twitter at @branch_rickey and Melissa at @rossaki. I hope you like this new addition to my blog as I hope to add more new videos of old packs soon!

Craig from Texas

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  1. fuji says:

    I’m pretty sure Gwynn & Boggs reached 3000 hits in the same season.

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