A Blast(er) From the Past

Today I received in the mail a 2004 Topps Heritage blaster box. I have a collection of unopened blaster boxes and I was going to add this to my collection. However, when I went to add this one to my other 2004 boxes I noticed that the size of this blaster box was different from the ones stacked in my collection.


The number of packs in the box is identical however some of the harder to get insert ratios differ just a little bit. I guess Topps was experimenting with the packaging size this year. Since this box didn't stack well with the others, I decided to go ahead and open it. Here are the results from my blaster break:

Pack 1 - Casey Myers Chrome 0065/1955 1:7 packs

Pack 2 - Edgar Renteria SP

Pack 3 - Ichiro New Age Performer 1:15 packs

Pack 4 - Grady Sizemore SP

Pack 5 - Harmon Killebrew Flashbacks 1:12 packs

Pack 6 - Livan Hernandez

Pack 7 - Derek Jeter SP

Pack 8 - Carlos Delgado SP

Pack 9 - Phil Nevin SP

Pack 10 - Ken Griffey Jr. SP

Pack 11 - Herb Score/Kerry Wood Then & Now 1:15 packs

Looks like the best card in the box was the Ken Griffey Jr SP, in my opinion.


Most will say it is the Derek Jeter SP. If you want to catch my box break on video, check it out here:

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