Six More Days So I’m Opening a 2006 Topps Heritage Pack!

The excitement is increasing as we are getting closer to the official release day of 2013 Topps Heritage!! In fact, there have already been retail sightings in California and Oregon! Here's a picture of a blaster box someone sent me showing the odds:


I like the fact that autographs are a bit easier to pull than last year although still a tough pull overall. This will help the autos retain value - even if you pull a common.

Here are the results from my 2006 Topps Heritage pack that I just now ripped:


416 Roy Halladay
374 Garret Anderson
420 Brian Bruney
375 Felipe Lopez
C26 Travis Hafner CHROME REFRACTOR 423/557
17 Frank Catalanotto
428 Jason Ellison
394 Ryan Tucker

This has been the best pack I've ripped so far. Anytime you get a refractor in a pack you have done well. I'll be giving this card and all the cards I have ripped from packs during this countdown away to a few Twitter followers. Click on the link on the right to follow me on Twitter.

Stay tuned as hopefully Topps will be sharing more pictures of great cards. If they do, I'll post some here.


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