The Story Behind the 2008 Topps #661 Johan Santana Card

When 2008 Topps series two released, I feverishly opened several jumbo boxes of the product and put my set together. After completing the 660 card set, I looked on EBay and came across something that peaked my interest - there was a card #661 of Johan Santana. Known as the No Hit card, this card was super shortprinted into packs. The card depicted a no hitter that never happened although Johan did pitch a no hitter four years later. I went ahead and placed a $100 bid on this card and ended up winning it. My initial thought process was that this card could be as popular as the 2006 Topps #297 Alex Gordon fiasco. I knew that there would be some set purists out there they would say their set is not complete unless they have card 661. I went ahead and bought all of the ones I found on EBay which I paid $75 to $175 per card. I felt bad that I kept outbidding fellow collector, king of the baseball card blogs, and all around good guy, JayBee. I decided that the four I bought was enough and I believe JayBee finally got one of these cards too. Now that I had four of these cards I looked to sell them at a profit. I contacted the same celebrity that was buying up all of the Alex Gordon's in 2006. I ended up selling three of these to him for $400 each and was very pleased. Over a couple of years, I hung on to one for my 2008 Topps set considering that it would be incomplete without it. However, my opinion of the card and it's place in my set has changed. It would be one thing if the card was numbered within the 660 card set as was the #297 Alex Gordon back in 2006. But it was numbered 661. That made me want the card but then I kept thinking that this is just a shortprinted "gimmick" card and not a true base card so I decided to sell the last one I had and consider my set complete at 660 cards. Here is the card:

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4 Responses to The Story Behind the 2008 Topps #661 Johan Santana Card

  1. Craig:

    You really sold your last #661 from 2008??? Wow. Thanks for the mention in your article. I still have mine, and it’s staying with the set (it was part of my “Series 2 Six” subset and was the most expensive card of the six).

    Still interested in selling any spare Alex Gordon cards??? (just kidding…can’t afford one right now).


    JayBee Anama

    • cparker94 says:


      I thought about that #661 for a long time before selling my last one. I just thought that in the long run, years from now, the #661 will be a forgotten gimmick card whereas the 2006 #297 Alex Gordon will still be talked about simply because people will continue to question why the 2006 Topps set is missing a card. People will think the 2008 set is complete at 660 cards and would have no reason to question the #661 card because most people would not even be aware that it is missing. 🙂

  2. Todd Bert says:

    There is currently one on ebay. Still 6 days left in the auction. Already 49 bids. Up to $520. I’m now wondering if this will break four figures. I have one and you don’t see them often, but I’d love to know how many were produced.

    • cparker94 says:

      I wish I would have kept mine but sold it for $200 if I remember correctly. My guess is that there are 50 or 100 of them. However, many probably were opened by people who did not realize that it was a super shortprint.

      Craig from Texas

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