Will There Be a 2012 Topps Heritage High Number Series?

Today on Twitter, Topps teased the collecting masses with the following tweets:

@toppscards: All you Topps Heritage BB Addicts we are very close to soliciting next years product, designs and cards and themes look awesome! #cantwait

@toppscards: While on topic of Heritage, beyond soliciting next years Heritage product shortly, might have another Heritage treat for you in 2012

What this tells me is that we might not be done with 2012 Topps Heritage just yet. Could it be that we could be seeing a High Series this year? Or maybe we will see a mini version of all 500 Topps Heritage cards? Sounds like they might sell High Series or Minis online as it is probably too late for them to promote and release a product via sell sheets. Especially since they are about to roll out the red carpet for their 2013 Topps Heritage product. Whatever it is, I'm excited to find out more!

I am also excited to find out more about the impending release of 2013 Topps Heritage sell sheets. A couple of months ago I put some thought into what I would do if I were in charge of the product. What would I include in the sell sheet? Well, I wish I knew how to photoshop and design cards, but since I don't, I came up with this dream scenario without pictures:

2013 Topps Heritage – the most exciting Heritage set of all-time coming to you in February! Today’s stars on the 1964 card design.

• New! 1964 Topps Metal Baseball Coins Box Loader.
• New! Mini card parallels!
• New! Superfractors!
• New! Jumbo boxes with a Real One autograph falling one per two boxes!

One autograph or relic per box!

2013 Topps Heritage returns this year with players showcased on the 1964 Topps design. This year, Topps has stepped up to the plate and is sure to hit a grand slam with the largest and best autograph lineup in Topps Heritage history! As always, each autograph is signed on-card!

Base set – 510 cards

425 cards of the game’s best players on the 1964 Topps card design including League Leaders (1-12) and World Series Highlights (136-140) numbered 1-425. Collectors will also find 75 shortprint cards numbered 426-500 and seeded 1 per 3 packs.

• New for 2013!!! Super Shortprints – 10 cards – numbered 501-510 and consist of the top 10 players as voted on by the fans for the 2012 All-Star Game.

New! Graded Giveaway Promotion!! Find a 1964 Graded Giveaway code card, one per case, which can be entered in online to be redeemed for an original graded 1964 card. Every code card is a winner and every card in the set will be available as Topps has purchased several complete sets for this promotion. You will also be able to look online to see what cards have been redeemed and which ones are still out there to be found! (Cards will be graded at least a 5.)

Topps Metal Baseball Coins – 64 different current players highlighted on a metal baseball coin and then placed into a card-sized protective frame. Each card is serially numbered to 64.

Original Topps Baseball Coins – Topps has bought back original metal baseball coins that were found in 1964 Topps packs and have randomly inserted them into packs. Hobby exclusive!

Insert Cards – Six per box!

•Baseball Flashbacks (10) – ten memorable highlights from the 1964 season.

•News Flashbacks (10) – ten cards commemorating major news stories from 1964.

•Then & Now (10) – ten cards featuring statistical comparisons between today’s stars with legends from 1964.

•New Age Performers (15) – fifteen players whose performances have surpassed the giants of the past.

Chrome Parallel Cards – 100 cards – numbered to 1964, refractors to 564, black refractors to 64.

•New for 2013!! Superfractors numbered 1 of 1!!!

Relic Cards

•Clubhouse Collection – 64 active players and retired greats from 1964 are featured with bat or jersey relic pieces.

•Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics – 5 cards featuring a player from 1964 matched with a current player from the same team each with a relic. Hand numbered to 64!

•Flashbacks – 10 cards paying tribute to a player’s memorable highlight from 1964 and featuring a relic piece from the stadium in which it occurred.

•Flashbacks Dual Relics – 5 cards featuring two players from rival teams, their respective highlights from the 1964 season, and two stadium relic pieces. Hand numbered to 10!

Autograph Cards

•Real One Autographed Cards - Autographs – Real One Autos – 50 subjects with a print run of 200 plus 14 Hall of Famers with a print run of 25 make this 64 card autograph set the largest and best Heritage Real One autograph set of all time!

•Real One Special Edition Autographed Cards – The same 50 subjects have a red ink version hand numbered to 64 with the 14 Hall of Famers hand numbered to 10.

• New for 2013!!! Real One Superfractor Edition Autographed Cards – All 64 subjects on shimmering foil signed in gold ink and serially numbered 1/1!!!

Autographed Relic Cards

•Flashbacks Autographed Relics – Five subjects will autograph 25 relic cards commemorating achievements from the 1964 season. Hand numbered to 25!

•Clubhouse Collection Autographed Relics – 10 cards showcasing a bat or jersey piece autographed by active and retired players. Hand numbered to 25!

•Clubhouse Collection Dual Autographed Relics – 5 cards showcasing on-card autographs from a retired and active player from the same team along with a relic piece. Hand numbered to 10! Hobby Exclusive!


•Topps Heritage Minis – Parallels of all 510 base subjects are produced on mini-sized cards and found one per box. Chrome Refractor minis serially numbered to 64. Superfractor mini numbered to 1!

•Topps Heritage Mini Relics – 64 different mini cards each produced with a game-used relic piece and serially numbered to 64!

•Topps Heritage Mini Real One Autographs – The same 64 subjects that sign for the Real One Autograph set lend their hand on the mini size version. These cards are signed in blue ink and hand numbered to 64!

Topps Heritage Bat Knob Cards - 64 different subjects on unique cards featuring a game-used bat knob from active superstars and superstars from 1964! Each bat knob card is serially numbered 1/1!

Box Loaders

•Topps Originals -- Original 1964 cards inserted as box loaders! Each card will be packaged in a replica 1964 Topps penny pack wrapper. One per two hobby boxes. This year, the wrapper will be search resistant and the original cards will not be foil stamped! Some people are working on the 1964 set and
would love the opportunity to pull an original without the gold foil.

• Follow The Triple Crown PROMOTION!!! – 384 cards – one per two boxes -- If you end up with the six cards representing the player or players with the highest batting average, home runs, and RBI in each league, you can turn these into Topps for a special prize never before offered in Topps Heritage: A triple signed Topps Heritage Real One Autograph card! There will be 64 cards from each category (64 AL HR leader, 64 AL AVG leader, 64 AL RBI leader, 64 NL HR leader, 64 NL AVG leader, and 64 NL RBI leader). You would need to collect all six cards to turn in for the triple signed Topps Heritage Real One Autograph card.

And that's what I would do if I were in charge of 2013 Topps Heritage. What are your thoughts? Like it? Don't like it? What would you do?????

Craig from Texas

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