2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Three Box Break

Last week, I was at Triple Cards in Plano, Texas as there were many collectors there busting boxes of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter. I went ahead and got three boxes and opened them there while others were doing the same and trying to figure out what the Ginter Code is all about for this year. One person received a Pele base card with the back of the card blank except for the words "missing text". Is this an error by Topps or is this part of the code? Another observation was that the last few cards of the base set, which are SPs, are the same as different numbered base subjects except the colors are a bit different. As Chris Olds from Beckett states, "Look deep into the hues and you will find clues". After visiting with friends and watching a few of their nice pulls including a cloth card of Derek Jeter numbered 2/10 (jersey number), I decided to take my turn at three boxes. Here are those results:

BOX 1:

A bunch of base cards
SP cards: 304-307-309-316-318-321-327-330-332-339-341-345

Regular Minis: 13-28-196-225-238-257-282-289-343-345
A&G Back Minis: 1-7-47-169-297-349
Black Border Minis: 43-252-265
The First Americans: Sioux
Codes, Ciphers, & Cryptographs: The Voynich Manuscript
Famous Finds: King Tut's Tomb
Inquiring Minds: St. Augustine, Friedrich Nietzsche

Across the Years Inserts: BRT-GG-JHY-JMT-KGR-KM-LG-MM-MTR-SKX-SP-YD
Civilizations of Ages Past: Babylonians, Indus River Valley, Vikings
Martial Mastery: Amazons, Samurai, Vikings
Palaces & Strongholds: Fort Knox, Gyeongbokgung, Potala Palace
One Little Corner: Ceres, Haumea, Uranus
A&G Framed Mini Relic: Cory Luebke San Diego Padres
A&G Framed Mini Relic: Paul O'Neill New York Yankees
A&G Framed Mini Autograph: Brett Jackson Chicago Cubs

BOX 2:

A bunch of base cards including some guy named Puig
SP cards: 302-312-319-323-324-325-333-336-337-344-346-347

Regular Minis: 21-161-164-176-198-219-263-280-283-342-344
A&G Back Minis: 113-141-157-200-295
Black Border Minis: 6-174
No Number Mini: Hal Newhouser
The First Americans: Bannock
Heavy Hangs the Head: Julius Caesar, King Henry V, Qin Shi Huang
Inquiring Minds: Jean-Paul Sartre

Across the Years Inserts: AC-BG-BH-EB-FT-GS-IK-JH-JRD-MC-NS-WM
Civilizations of Ages Past: Mayans, Olmecs, Swahili
Martial Mastery: Apache, Aztecs, Knights
Palaces & Strongholds: Leeds Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, Summer Palace
One Little Corner: Comet, Mars, Pluto
A&G Framed Mini Relic: Clay Buchholz Boston Red Sox
A&G Full Sized Relic: David DeJesus Chicago Cubs
A&G Framed Mini Relic: Bobby Bowden College Football Coach

BOX 3:

A bunch of base cards
SP cards: 302-308-312-315-319-323-329-337-342-346-348-349

Regular Minis: 36-84-99-103-142-194-195-206-295-344-345
A&G Back Minis: 87-130-134-170-252
Black Border Minis: 24-102-326
Codes, Ciphers, & Cryptographs: Dorabella Cipher
Famous Finds: Pompeii
Heavy Hangs the Head: Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Ramses II

Across the Years Inserts: CG-CKW-CRJ-EL-JB-MR-PF-RAD-RB-RH-TS-WMY
Civilizations of Ages Past: Inca, Mesopotamians, Ottoman
Martial Mastery: Knights, Romans, Zulu
Palaces & Strongholds: Fort Knox, Leeds Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle
One Little Corner: Asteroid Belt, Centaur, Saturn
A&G Framed Mini Relic: Jose Altuve Houston Astros
A&G Full Sized Relic: Billy Butler Kansas City Royals
A&G Framed Mini Autograph: Wily Peralta Milwaukee Brewers

Overall, it was a fun rip. However, I was really hoping to get a rip card or something really outstanding. I'm not sure which card was the best out of the three boxes. Maybe the Bobby Bowden relic card? Mike Trout A&G back? Brett Jackson autograph? What do you think?

All of these cards are available for trade after I hear from my good friend Leon who has helped me immensely with my Topps sets over the years.. The ONLY thing I trade for are vintage cards that I need for my sets -- nothing else. Here is where you will find my vintage set wantlist:


Let me know if you have any of my vintage needs!


Craig from Texas

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  1. neil says:

    Do you have a scan of the queen victoria mini

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