13 Days Away Until 2013 Topps Heritage Kicks Off!

In case you can't tell, I'm really looking forward to the release of Topps Heritage on March 6th! In order to celebrate the countdown to blast off, I am going to open some old Heritage packs and give the cards away to people who follow me on Twitter! My Twitter handle is @parker94ttu and you can follow me by clicking on the Twitter link on the righthand side of this blog. I plan on giving away eight type sets. Basically a type set is one card from each year Heritage was made. So that means each giveaway will consist of a 2001, 2002, 2003, and so on until 2012. These type sets are neat for those who can not afford the vintage originals. Here is my schedule of pack opening. I'll be opening a pack a day:

2012 Topps Heritage pack: February 22
2011 Topps Heritage pack: February 23
2010 Topps Heritage pack: February 24
2009 Topps Heritage pack: February 25
2008 Topps Heritage pack: February 26
2007 Topps Heritage pack: February 27
2006 Topps Heritage pack: February 28
2005 Topps Heritage pack: March 1
2004 Topps Heritage pack: March 2
2003 Topps Heritage pack: March 3
2002 Topps Heritage pack: March 4
2001 Topps Heritage pack: March 5

And then it will be my opening day as I have several cases of 2013 Topps Heritage coming on March 6th. All cards not going to my personal collection will be available for sale or trade. I'm looking to trade so I can finish off my 1967 Topps set and 1966 Topps set if I'm lucky. Here is my progress on my vintage sets:

Please stay tuned to my blog as I'll release more Topps Heritage news and photos as they come available.

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