2013 Topps Heritage Design Released!

Topps has released the new, old design for its upcoming 2013 Topps Heritage set. Today, I get to catch up with Chris from Ballcard Mania about his thoughts on the upcoming Topps Heritage release:

1) What do you think of the design?

"I really like the design, and that is a bit of a surprise for me. I absolutely love the 1963 and 1965 Topps sets, but the 1964 set never really caught my collecting fancy for some reason. But this card looks great."

2) Would you like to see anything different for Heritage in 2013?

"Heritage has such a good thing going that I don't really have any major changes that I would like to see. I don't buy much retail but I guess I would not mind seeing something different than the red/blue/black border retail inserts Topps has put out the last few years. Not sure what I would like to see it replaced with though. I would like to see Topps put some more hits in the blaster boxes. Seems like they have less and less each year."

3) Will you be collecting more or less Heritage this year?

"I will probably collect a little less this year. The reason is I usually pick up quite a few cases of Heritage each year, build a master set for myself (and I keep any KC stuff that intrigues me of course!) and sell the rest to try to break even on the overall cost. But the demand for Heritage really seemed to drop off a cliff last year. You can pick up a 2012 Topps Heritage master set for $150 or less on eBay right now! I'll probably pick up a few hobby cases and skip the blaster cases this year. Opening Heritage is so much fun, I'll always pick up a few hobby cases as long as they continue to create new sets."

Thank you Chris for your time! 2013 Topps Heritage looks to be a great product, especially if Topps continues to bring collectors more value as they did with this year's Allen & Ginter product. Once Topps releases more Heritage information you can read about it here and as soon as the Heritage checklist becomes available, you can find it at www.baseball-card-checklist.com.

Here is the design that Topps recently released. Again more pictures and information will be posted here so stay tuned!


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2 Responses to 2013 Topps Heritage Design Released!

  1. jhoffman95 says:

    Nice write up! As someone who has been away from the hobby for about 15 years I had no idea heritage even existed until this year. I did a box break on Ebay of it and I have to say I really enjoyed the design and variety of the cards! I liked some of the old Topps designs so I’m excited that they have this product.

    I want to look into building sets of Heritage from the past few years. What would be the best way to go about that?

    • cparker94 says:

      The best way? You would have to define “best”. For me, I like to actually “build” a set each year. The best way to build a set is to buy boxes of the product and piece one together. Most case breakers can get either one full set with shortprints or close to it out of one case. I usually buy 2-10 cases every year. However, “building” sets can be rather expensive. The cheapest way is to buy one on EBay. I bought a 2011 Heritage master set for $99. It seems that the newer sets sell for a lot less than the older ones. This is due to supply and demand. I just did a search for 2010 Topps Heritage set on Ebay and there aren’t any currently for sale. This is because 2010 Heritage wasn’t produced in as great as quantities as 2011 or 2012.

      Piecing one together can be time consuming and expensive, although rewarding when completed. Buying a complete set on EBay is quick and the cheapest. However you decide to collect — it’s all about having fun!

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