And the Odds Are…I’ll Be Opening Heritage Soon!

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Although 2013 Topps Heritage hobby edition isn't to arrive at hobby shops until Wednesday, I have the information that a lot of people have inquired about --the hobby odds! Here is a list of all of the inserts along with the hobby odds and a few of my comments...

Shortprint 1:3 - Shortprint list has star power this year

Chrome Parallel 1:24 - Wow! Huge difference this year! I think the Chromes will be a bit more valuable this year due to the fact that they are one per box AND they are no longer numbered to the year of the set design. They are now numbered to just 999. Set builders need to chase early and often to build this set.

Chrome Refractor 1:42 - Numbered to 564 copies. Always nice to pull one of these!

Black Chrome Refractor 1:368 - Ugh! Black Refractors continue to be tougher and tougher to pull! Used to be at least one or two per case in the past.

Gold Chrome Refractor 1:1,932 - Serially numbered to 5 copies each. A very tough pull at 6 or 7 cases! I'll be opening up at least six cases so I hope to get one of these!

Mini Parallel 1:235 - I thought these would fall at a rate of two per case initially but was surprised to see that they are harder to find. Hand numbered to 100 each!

Venezuelan Parallel 1:47 - Base parallel. Challenging set to put together at these odds.

Action Image Variation 1:26 - hobby only

Color Variation 1:155 - hobby only.
Seems a little easier to get one of these than last year but I could be mistaken.

Error Short Print 1:1,567 - also known as SSP. Tough to find one of these.

Washington Senators Variation 1:13,058 -Iif you get the Harper, you should have a gold mine on your hands.

New Age Performers 1:8 - 30 cards this year with easier odds.

Memorable Moments 1:12 - new insert this year.

Baseball Flashbacks 1:12 - not much to say about this Heritage staple.

Then and Now 1:15 - same here.

News Flashbacks 1:12 - started in 2008, this insert set captures the news events of 1964

1964 Topps Tattoos Buyback 1:23,504 - good luck finding one of these gems!!

1964 Bazooka Stamps Buyback 1:47,008 - would be nice to get one of these.

Real One Autograph 1:124 - odds are better than I guessed. 63 different players on the checklist.

Real One Red Ink Autograph 1:408 always fun to get a red ink auto!

Real One Dual Autograph 1:3,531 would love to find one of these!

Real One Triple Autograph 1:35,160 - Johnny Bench's first Heritage card!

Flashbacks Autographed Relic 1:6,474 - notice the omission of Flashbacks Relics and Flashbacks Autos?

Clubhouse Collection Relic 1:38 - I think these are a bit harder to find than last year if I remember. Probably due to the autos being easier to pull.

Clubhouse Collection Gold Parallel Relic 1:225 - I bet these look sweet in person!

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relic 1:5,003 - I pulled one of these a few years back. Very tough!

Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relic 1:6,477 - These look nice - hope to get one!

Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relic 1:17,583 - stunning looking cards!

1964 Mint Nickel 1:2,941
1964 Mint Dime 1:5,902
1964 Mint Quarter 1:17,583
1964 Mint Half Dollar 1:168,000

The coin cards used to be one per case. Not anymore! Yikes!

1964 Topps Coins Relic 1:47,008 - I thought these would be more common.

1964 US Postal Stamp Relic 1:4,701 - Not too find of a postage stamp on a card. I know they are rare but I really can't get excited about a framed stamp.

Patch Book Card 1:94,016 - Now this is something I can get excited about!!!!

Cut Signature 1:80,932 - I'd have a heart attack if I pulled one of these!

1964 Topps Complete Set Redemption Card 1:773,520 - Although I have a 1964 Topps set, I wouldn't mind having another one!

Beatles buyback 14,420 - Can't get excited about something not baseball related and especially at those odds.

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4 Responses to And the Odds Are…I’ll Be Opening Heritage Soon!

  1. JAMIE says:

    I was wondering where did you find the odds for the Gold Refractors. In this page you mentioned that the Gold refrac. Odds were 1:1932. I was searching both the hobby and retail however they provided no odds. I would assume that the odds would be 13 times tougher when compared to the black refractors because there are 64 made vice 5.

    • cparker94 says:

      I received the odds from the hobby wrapper. You can’t really compare the golds and blacks like you did because the golds are hobby exclusive whereas the blacks can be found in both hobby and retail.

      Craig from Texas

  2. George says:

    I have opened numerous Blaster Boxes as well as three Hobby Boxes and have been very happy with my pulls.
    From my second Hobby Box I pulled a John Goryl Red Ink, it was my first ever Red Ink pull.
    From Blaster Boxes I have pulled an R. A. Dickey Black Refractor as well as Red Ink Bob Gibson.
    Now my third Hobby Box had an Al Moran Blue Ink but the Box Topper was the best hit I have ever pulled. It is a Redemption Card for a 64 Giant Willie Mays Autograph which will be numbered to 10.

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