Can I Complete My 1966 and 1967 Topps Set From 3 Cases of 2013 Topps Heritage?

As most of you who follow my blog know, I am trying to complete a bunch of vintage sets. Currently, I almost have a complete set run from 1964 to present. The only sets I have that are not complete in this set run are the 1966 Topps set and the 1967 Topps set. I still need 54 and 9 cards respectively to complete those. Here are my wantlists:

I'm looking for the cards from the lists above in EX or better condition. So, how am I going to get these? Well, I'm going to see if I can finish these two sets (63 cards) by trading 2013 Topps Heritage for them. I have a few people out there who have helped me over the years by trading me some of my vintage needs and in return, I give them Heritage cards that they want. It's worked out great so far. However, I have found it very difficult to find people who will trade their vintage for my Heritage so I'll probably end up selling the hits from my three cases and then buying the cards I need. I plan on tracking my progress to see if I can achieve this challenging goal of completing my 1966 and 1967 sets from three cases of Heritage.

If you have any cards from my want list, please let me know. I'll have a bunch of cards from 2013 Heritage to trade in 25 days!!

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  1. Jason says:

    I might have some of these cards. If I do, I’m willing to trade Heritage (hits only) or off grade vintage (’60s and ’70s). I’m also trying to build the 2007 Heritage (Topps and Bowman). I’ll get back to you when I know what I have to offer.

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