Excited About 2013 Topps Heritage!!

Tomorrow will be exactly 50 days until the release of my all-time favorite Topps product, Topps Heritage.
The 2013 edition, which will be the thirteenth installment of the Topps Heritage series, promises to bring things that collectors expect along with a few surprises never before seen in Heritage. I went ahead and locked in on three cases of this product and will be sharing my hits here on my blog as well as on Twitter. Now that I am locked in, I have decided I better raise some cash so I decided to sell off some of my Topps Heritage sealed boxes. I have all years available from 2001 through 2012 and the auctions end Sunday. The starting bids are very reasonable and best of all…..FREE SHIPPING!!! I encourage you to take a look as I am sure you will find something you will like if you are a fan of Heritage. Here is a link to my auctions:

My Topps Heritage Sealed Box Auctions!

Thank you in advance for looking at my auctions and I hope you bid. If you end up winning any of my auctions, please let me know what you get if you decide to open.

Thanks again!

Craig from Texas

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