2013 Topps Baseball design looks awesome!

Today, Topps has given the card collecting public a glimpse into the future of what 2013 Topps Baseball will look like. Topps has really hit one out of the park as this design is sure to win collectors over. Although the product won't release for several months and the sell sheets aren't available yet, it's hard not to get excited about the looks of these cards. Take a look at these and let me know what you think! It is most likely that the pink card of Jose Reyes is a Breast Cancer Awareness parallel. The Tim Lincecum would be for honoring our military. This is what Topps did in 2012 Topps Football and I think it is a great thing to do for 2013 Topps Baseball. A couple of suggestions I would have for Topps to make the flagship brand even better is to cut down on the number of insert sets. There are way too many of them. Also, make the inserts harder to find. This would give pack rippers like myself more of a thrill when finding one. Lately, it's not been a big deal. In fact, while opening packs the last few years, if it didn't have a relic or auto on it, I skimmed right past it and didn't even look at the name. Another suggestion I would like to make and I know it is a pipe dream, is to please, please, please get rid of sticker autos! I would much rather pay more for a box than to pay less for one and find a cheap looking sticker autograph. Just my thoughts - I'm sure my readers have their own opinions and I'd be glad to hear them!!





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