2013 Topps – A Complete Pictorial of All Inserts!

WARNING! This post has a LOT of pictures of 2013 Topps cards! Please be patient while this post loads -- it's worth the wait!

Before you open that first pack of 2013 Topps, let’s take a look at a complete overview of 2013 Topps.

Base Cards

The base cards are some of the best designed Topps cards I have seen in years from their flagship set. There are 330 cards from series one to collect. Very nice photography and lots of great information on the back of the cards.

Parallel Cards

If parallel cards are your thing, you are in luck. 2013 Topps is full of different parallels of all 300 base cards. Ten different kinds of parallels to be exact. Some people try to collect all of one player. When this happens, it is usually the platinum parallel that eludes them since there is only one of those. Here is the rundown of what you can find:

Emerald (1:6)

Gold (#ed to 2013)

Camo (numbered to 99)

Pink (numbered to 50)

Black (numbered to 62, hobby/hobby jumbo only)

Platinum (1/1)

Printing Plates (four different colors – each is a one of one)

Blue (Walmart packs)

Red (Target packs)

Silver Slate (wrapper redemption)

SP "Out of Bounds" Cards – 25

Shortprint cards are chased by master set collectors. A master set is not considered complete if you do not have these. They are hard to find as they usually run about two per case. It is from experience that these are slightly easier to find in retail packs but not much easier.


Here is the checklist of all 25 Shortprinted "Out of Bounds" cards in the set. For a visual look at all of these, please check out: www.mytoppscards.com

1 Bryce Harper
13 Brett Lawrie
14 Paul Konerko
16 Andre Ethier
20 Kevin Youkilis
27 Mike Trout
44 Anthony Rizzo
70 Todd Frazier
100 Mike Moustakas
105 Freddie Freeman
107 Joe Mauer
112 Mark Reynolds
122 Andrew McCutchen
128 Buster Posey
135 Eric Hosmer
204 Alex Gordon
213 Alex Rodriguez
216 Josh Willingham
242 Matt Kemp
282 Russell Martin
311 Rajai Davis
324 Cameron Maybin
350 Albert Pujols
400 David Wright
450 Jay Bruce

Insert Cards

The insert cards that Topps has produced this year are among some of the best looking of all time. My favorite ones are the Cut to the Chase inserts – very sharp looking die-cuts.

1972 Topps Minis (50 cards)
Calling Cards (15 cards)
Chasing History (50 cards)
Chasing the Dream (25 cards)
Cut to the Chase (25 cards)
The Greats (30 cards)
The Greats Gold Parallel to 99
The Greats Red Parallel to 50

Relic Cards

Relic cards are highly collected by player collectors and a few attempt to try to complete sets. Very hard to do as these are tough finds.

Silk Collection – 100 card set
1972 Topps Minis Relics (15 cards – serially numbered to 25)
Calling Cards Relics Set (10 cards – serially numbered to 25)
Chasing History Relics (58 cards)
Chasing the Dream Relics (39 cards)
Cut to the Chase Relics (11 cards)
Cy Young Award Winner
In the Name Relics Set (65 cards – each is a 1/1)
Manufactured Commemorative Patches Set (25 cards)
Manufactured Rookie Patches Set (25 cards)
MVP Award Winners Commemorative Relic Set (30 cards)
Proven Mettle Coins Set (25 cards)
Proven Mettle Copper - #ed to 99
Proven Mettle Wrought Iron - #ed to 50
Proven Mettle Steel - #ed to 10
Silver Sluggers Award Winner Trophy Set (25 cards)
The Greats Relics Set (25 cards – serially numbered to 25)
Triple Crown Relics Set (10 cards)
World Series Champions Relics Set (15 cards – serially numbered to 100)

Autograph Cards

Autograph cards remain a hobby favorite. Topps has done a great job this year in my opinion.

Base Autograph Shortprint Parallel Set (Andre Ethier, Mike Trout, Buster Posey, Cameron Maybin, David Wright)
1972 Topps Minis Autographs Set (10 cards – serially numbered to 10)
Calling Cards Autographs Set (5 cards)

Picture coming soon!

Chasing History Autographs Set (39 cards)
Chasing the Dream Autographs Set (20 cards)
Cut to the Chase Autographs Set (5 cards – serially numbered to 10)
The Greats Autograph Set (15 cards – serially numbered to 10)
World Series Champions Autographs Set (5 cards – serially numbered to 10)

Autographed Relic Cards

If you find one of these, consider yourself lucky as these are very hard to find in packs.

Calling Cards Autograph Relics Set (5 cards – serially numbered to 5)
Chasing History Autograph Relics Set (15 cards – serially numbered to 25)
Chasing the Dream Autograph Relics Set (10 cards – serially numbered to 25)
Cut to the Chase Autograph Relics Set (5 cards – serially numbered to 5)
Picture coming soon!!

The Great Autograph Relics Set (10 cards)
The Ultimate Chase Cards (30 one of one cards)
Triple Crown Autographed Relics Set (10 cards)
World Series Champions Autographed Relics Set (5 cards – serially numbered to 50)
Chasing History Cut Signatures (50 cards – each a 1/1)

Promotions and Redemptions

Wrapper Redemption


When you are rippin packs of Topps Baseball Series 1, hold onto those wrappers. If you turn in 50 Hobby/Retail wrappers (or 10 HTA Jumbo wrappers) you will receive a 5-card cello pack of exclusive Silver Slate Parallels. Some packs will include autograph cards....

Wrapper should be sent to:

Silver Slate Wrapper Redemption
PO Box 2008
Duryea, PA 18642

There are only 10,000 Silver Slate packs so be sure to turn in your wrappers quickly so you do not miss out. Limit 10 packs per household."

Spring Fever Redemption

"Introducing the Topps Spring Fever Collection!

To celebrate the beginning of the new baseball season, Topps is offering collectors an exclusive set of cards. Special Spring Fever Redemption cards are randomly inserted into packs of Topps Series 1. Finders of these cards can redeem them at a hobby store during the first week of Spring Training (February 20th-February 27th ) to receive an exclusive 5-card pack of Topps Spring Fever baseball cards. The Spring Fever set features current superstars and retired legends. Collectors can also find exclusive autographed cards (see Ripken card attached) in these packs! Look for a list of participating hobby stores on Topps.com starting Wednesday."

Ultimate Chase Tickets

To celebrate the Chase, Topps randomly inserted 10 Ultimate Chase Tickets in hobby boxes of Topps Series One. Finders of the Ticket will win an authentic autographed bat signed by FIVE current and/or retired players! One Lucky Finder will win an ULTIMATE CHASE PASS – Their ticket to chase one team in the 2013 MLB Playoffs

Million Dollar Chase

Introducing Topps $1MM Chase-A Digital Game

As you know, Topps 013 Series 1 is all about the Chase, the chase for history and the chase for records. Topps invites all our collectors to join the chase of one of Baseball’s most hallowed record for a chance to win awesome prizes including special coin cards, autograph cards and $1 Million Dollars. Here is how you chase..

1-Find special Million Dollar Chase Code Cards in 013 Topps Baseball

2-Go to www.topps.com/thechase to enter your code, unlock hitters and build your roster

3-When MLB Action starts in April, Select hitters on your roster that you think will get a hit that day. If you get a hit, your streak moves on

4- Win awesome prizes as you accumulate consecutive hits like autographs cards (see Fielder card attached), exclusive coin cards (see Harper card attached) and autographed memorabilia. Topps will be giving away thousands of autographs.

5-Be the first to rack up 57 consecutive hits and you will win $1 Million Dollars.

Stay connected with Topps on Facebook at facebook.com/topps or on twitter @toppscards for more information on the game.

Pennant Chase (30 cards)
If you get one of these pennant chase cards then consider yourself lucky because they are hard to find in packs. If the team pictured on the card wins the pennant, you will win a prize that has not yet been determined exactly.

Did I leave anything out?

I'm off to buy more Topps cards!!!

Craig from Texas

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  1. Phenomenal! Beautiful post. There are so many uninterested in franchise this year, but I think as a base set, the photography has improved significantly. Yes, I’m even more excited for Gypsy Queen and Chrome to some degree, but I’m loving all that I’m seeing of franchise this year.

    Away much of last week for work, I’m back home now and have a jumbo box of 2013 franchise to break. I’m waiting until after the Super Bowl (so, maybe not getting to it until tomorrow), but now if I don’t find that pink parallel Volquez, I’m going to be in dire (read: desirous) straights.

  2. robert lewis says:

    Great Blog! I have added it to my favorites, and will check it often. Rob

  3. F.CRISP says:


  4. eric peterson says:

    i enjoy the blog very much n great pictures.i have a ? i just hit a calling card autograph of Jay Buhner from topps series 1 do u have a picture of it n how many of the cards did they make?

    • cparker94 says:


      Topps has not released the print run on the Calling Card autos. I do not have a picture of that one but that is a great pull! 🙂

      Craig from Texas

  5. Tony Ferrer says:

    Awesome and informative blog! I just found a Cut to the Chase David Price Auto, A Washington Nationals Pennant Chase Code, and A “The Greats” Roy Halladay Red Parallel card numbered to 50 all in 1 pack! that must have been a packing error, right?

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