2013 Topps Update 64 Case Break!!!

On October 16th, Topps released the annual end-cap for Topps cards -- Topps Update. Topps Update, once known as Topps Traded, has been around off and on since 1974. In 1974 and 1976, Topps issued 44 cards in a "traded" series. These cards were randomly inserted in packs late in the year and featured players that were traded in their new uniforms. In 1981, Topps made boxed "traded" sets that were numbered 727-858. Every year since 1981, with the exception of years 1996-1998, Topps has made a traded or update set.

Topps Update is always a fun product to open. I enjoy it because it does a great job of showing players that were traded during the season, adding rookies that were called up during the season, and chronicling the All-Star game. I didn’t open a bunch of this product, but I do know someone who opened a little bit more than I did.

The number one case breaker in the world has to be Brent Williams. If there is someone out there that opens more than Brent, I’d be surprised. Brent has opened several different products in huge quantities for years now. For some of his other case breaks please check them out by clicking here. Brent is very active on social media and people can learn a lot from his information as he tells us quite a bit about each product. For example, Brent was the first person to tell us about the bonus cards found inside some box lids of Allen & Ginter. This news resulted in collectors scrambling into trash bins looking at boxes that others have thrown away. This is why it pays to follow him on twitter @brentandbecca.

I recently caught up with Brent after he opened up 64 cases of Topps Update. That’s right – 64 CASES! He opened 60 jumbo cases and 4 hobby cases. How many packs is that? Only 5,328! Guess how many cards? 197,280!!! It is always amazing to me how fast he is at opening, sorting, listing, selling, shipping, emailing, and tweeting. How does he do this so quickly? Must be a lot of energy drinks or maybe he is just not human and never sleeps. I asked him what he thought his top ten cards out of all 64 cases were based on "wow factor". This time he said he would give me the list based on final selling price. He responded with this list and I added his comments along with my own (click on the picture of the card to see what they are currently selling for on eBay)...


10. Dustin Pedroia All- Star Jumbo Patch Relic 3/6 SOLD FOR $82.00
BRENT: "This edged out Puig's Black Border Rookie Debut card #/62 by just 23 cents, and edged out Jose Fernandez's Auto AS Game Jersey /25 by a few dollars, but you gotta love jumbo patches, especially numbered this low and from the AS Game."

These cards are sweet to see in person. I was fortunate to pull a Miguel Tejada autographed patch like this back in 2009 and sold it for $250.

Click To See More Like This Pedroia On eBay

9. Yasiel Puig #250 Printing Plate 1/1 SOLD FOR $99.99
BRENT: "Great plate...thought it would be my top selling plate in years. I was wrong, but the lone bid did the trick and got it into the Top 10 still."

I really thought this one would have sold for more but I think the sale was hurt by the fact that there are three different Yasiel Puig base cards in the set. Maybe if there was just one Puig base card, this plate would have sold for more.

Click To See More Like This Puig On eBay

8. Manny Machado/Bryce Harper/Mike Trout All-Star Triple Relic 10/25 SOLD FOR: $100.00
BRENT: "I really like this card. I should have kept it for my PC. But after a few hours and 5 bids it was up to $100...over 2 and a half days passed and it never received another bid. Wild."

Very nice pairing by Topps to include these three young superstars on one card.

Click To See More Like This Triple Relic On eBay

7. Gerrit Cole Chasing History Gold Autograph 10/10 SOLD FOR: $105.00
BRENT: "Finally a non-Cardinal, lol. My only other Gold Auto. Gerrit has yet to have another auto end from this product, not even a base one which may also be limited to 10-25 copies. There were so many autos on the checklist I did not see which is odd seeing that there were only 29 CH autos and 9 MTM autos and falling at 1 per box I had over 375 autos...7 players of which I had at least 30 copies of their autographs."

This is a very nice card of a young star in the making. It will be interesting to see the value of this card around this time next year.

Click To See More Like This Cole On eBay

6. David Freese Chasing History Gold Autograph Patch 9/10 SOLD FOR: $133.50
BRENT: "Was I Cardinal lucky or what? It is not like I hit 10 of these hits...In fact I only had 1 other Gold Auto /10 and only 1 other live patch auto in all of my cases. This was my favorite patch, but again I ended it on the 19th of October. Still a nice amount for the card though."

This card would have probably sold for more had the World Series gone seven games. It is still a nice card with both a patch and an autograph.

Click To See More Like This Freese On eBay

5. Shelby Miller Making Their Mark Autograph Patch 22/25 SOLD FOR: $143.50
BRENT: "Again, very surprising result especially considering the Matt Adams of the same set mentioned above. But unfortunately, the Adams ended on Oct. 19, whereas this and the Adams Gold Auto /10s ended on 10/21. 2 days made a HUGE difference."

A very nice card - especially if you are a St. Louis fan. Since I am a Texas Rangers fan, I'm still bitter about the Cardinals beating my team in the 2011 World Series so I'd be glad to sell this one if I pulled it from a pack.

Click To See More Like This Miller On eBay

4. Michael Wacha Printing Plate 1/1 SOLD FOR: $152.50
BRENT: "Back to the Cardinals, and perfect timing. Wacha gonna do? Wow...when is the last time I have sold a base Topps printing plate for over $100 let alone $150? I pulled the Real Puig RC #US250 plate as well but it did not command what the Wacha card did! Go Cardinals!!"

This young star has had a phenomenal postseason and has soared in popularity the last few weeks.

Click To See More Like This Wacha On eBay

3. Manny Machado All-Star Jumbo Patch Relic 2/6 SOLD FOR: $153.49
BRENT: "Love this card. Not very much color to the AS Game uniforms this year unfortunately, not like the sick 8-9 color Jeter I pulled just a couple years back that brought almost $900, but still probably the second best AS Game jumbo patch I have pulled."

Too bad he was injured in the second half of the season as he was one of the most popular young stars. Although his injury has caused his popularity to diminish somewhat, look for him to bounce back in 2014.

Click To See More Like This Machado On eBay

2. Matt Adams Chasing History Gold Autograph 2/10 SOLD FOR: $201.50
BRENT: "This list will be filled with Cardinals stuff due to great playoff timing, but I never expected this. His regularly autos have been trading for a few bucks, and when you consider this sick patch auto /25 only bringing just over $40, wow, this card went nuts!"

Enough with the Cardinals already, Brent! Don't you know I'm a Texas Ranger fan and still bitter about the 2011 World Series? Oh well. Maybe my Rangers can get their train back on track without the Express. We will miss him.

Click To See More Like This Adams On eBay

1 (tie) Yasiel Puig Sliding Super Shortprint and Yasiel Puig Arms Up Super Shortprint SOLD FOR: $250.00 EACH

BRENT: "These are awesome cards and very tough pulls. The SSP fall 1 per 2 cases this year and with 25 of them it takes 50 cases for just 1 of each card to pop up. I sold my first two on eBay too early and they both went around $100-$115 delivered. Thank goodness I pulled one more of each at the end and got the nicer prices for each of them. I had several other SSP sell for $90-150 each on and off eBay but for the sake of variety will skip the rest."

Base card variations continue to be popular amongst collectors. The fact that these Puigs are at the top of the list prove that variation cards are probably here to stay for the next several years.

Click To See More Like These Puigs On eBay

On the righthand section of my blog you will see a section called "Brent's Case Breaks". There is where I have stored my posts of Brent's case breaks of Topps products and I plan to add more. Back in February 2013, I contacted Brent asking him what his best 10 cards out of 2013 Topps Series One were. Check out that section to find more of his huge case breaks! Also, be sure to look at the Top Ten Most Watched section on the right side to see what is the most watched 2013 Topps Updates card -- updates automatically so be sure to bookmark and add it to your list of favorites.

And so there you have it. For those who have always wondered what kind of cards to expect out of a 64 case break, now you know. Do you think his top ten should have yielded better cards considering he opened 64 cases? I'd be interested to know your thoughts. Thank you.

DIDI GREGORIUS ~ 2013 Topps Update ~ RC #US146 ~ PSA 10 Gem Mint
DIDI GREGORIUS ~ 2013 Topps Update ~ RC #US146 ~ PSA 10 Gem Mint
Time Remaining: 31m
Buy It Now for only: $42.95

2013 Topps Mariano Rivera  5 Card Lot Series 2 & Update New York Yankees
2013 Topps Mariano Rivera 5 Card Lot Series 2 & Update New York Yankees
Time Remaining: 35m
Buy It Now for only: $5.85

Matt Lindstrom Chicago White Sox 2013 Topps Update Signed Card
Matt Lindstrom Chicago White Sox 2013 Topps Update Signed Card
Time Remaining: 45m
Buy It Now for only: $6.99

2013 Topps Update Series #US185 Daniel Nava Boston Red Sox Baseball Card
2013 Topps Update Series #US185 Daniel Nava Boston Red Sox Baseball Card
Time Remaining: 47m
Buy It Now for only: $1.00

2013 Topps Update Series #US185 Daniel Nava Boston Red Sox Baseball Card
2013 Topps Update Series #US185 Daniel Nava Boston Red Sox Baseball Card
Time Remaining: 47m
Buy It Now for only: $1.00

Randall Delgado Arizona Diamondbacks 2013 Topps Update Signed Card
Randall Delgado Arizona Diamondbacks 2013 Topps Update Signed Card
Time Remaining: 47m
Buy It Now for only: $4.99

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2 Responses to 2013 Topps Update 64 Case Break!!!

  1. Not bad, but it’s a bit surprising to see so little in the $200+ range; I’ve pulled three cards in that range over the last two years out of a small number of boxes, including one from last year’s Topps Update (out of three boxes). So many of the lesser “hits” these days sell for less than $5, making the bigger hits that much more important. I’m just not seeing enough value in most products to justify buying boxes over sets/singles.

    • cparker94 says:

      I have to agree with you. You would think that opening over 64 cases, you would see more than just a few $200+ hits. There doesn’t seem to be many cards out of Topps Update that could sell for more than $200. Is it just me or does it seem that huge hits aren’t as frequent as they used to be?

      Craig from Texas

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