I Finally Have Some 2013 Topps!

I only had a few minutes for lunch so I decided to go by my local Walmart. I've only been by there about 15 times in the past week with only one mission -- to find some 2013 Topps cards! To my surprise, this was the sight that welcomed me...


I had to get back to work so I grabbed five retail packs, three retail jumbo packs, and a 72 card blister pack. The only problem is that I didn't have time to open them. So after work, picking up the kids, fixing dinner, getting the kids to bed, I finally had some "me" time to open my first packs of 2013 Topps. Here was my very first card...
Interesting stat on the back of the card. It states: "With 209 home runs, Uggla is 553 away from Barry Bonds' all-time record of 762."

Here is my very first insert of 2013:

The green emerald parallel cards look very nice. I could see why collectors would want to put a set of these together.

I then opened up my first retail jumbo pack. I looked at each card and then I realized that one of the cards was really thick. I knew I had something pretty good, especially when I saw that it was numbered 19/25!

I have this card up on Ebay although it is tradable if the card doesn't sell. I have a want listed on my web site. Here is the link for that:

My Want List

I didn't hit anything else really big except for this blue parallel of Mike Trout but I was very pleased overall. A big thank you to Topps for a great year so far!

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