I’m On My Way To Winning $1,000,000!

Today I went online to Topps new website: Topps Million Dollar Chase
I entered nine codes and here are the results:

Josh Willingham Minnesota Twins (2)
Asdrubal Cabrera Cleveland Indians
Chase Headley San Diego Padres
Mark Teixeira New York Yankees
Wil Myers Tampa Bay Rays
Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays
Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals
Paul Konerko Chicago White Sox

I'm not sure who I'll start first but I'm thinking of starting Longoria although Konerko was pretty consistent last year.

If I start Longoria 57 times in a row and he starts the season with a 57 hit streak, I'll be a million dollars richer. If that happens, I'm buying a 1952 Topps set! :0)

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