More About the Omission of #7 From Topps Sets

1997 Topps was the first year in which Topps confused a lot of collectors. Topps decided to honor Mickey Mantle, not by producing a card of him, but by omitting card #7 from its flagship set. That’s right, for those collectors who were trying to put together a set and for those who didn’t know, card #7 simply did not exist. I will never understand why Topps chose to honor The Mick in this way but in my opinion this was simply ridiculous. Topps continued to do this until 2006. In 2006, Topps decided to produced inserts of Mickey Mantle designed after each missing year (1997-2005) to fill in the gaps that they caused with their decision to omit #7. Some collectors liked these and put them in their yearly Topps sets. I did not mainly because the backs of the cards were numbered MM1997, MM1998, etc. Had they numbered them #7, I probably would have. I thought that the reason Topps produced the insert cards was a response to the backlash from all of the collectors out there who did not like the idea of omitting card #7. In fact, from 2006-2012, Topps did produce a card #7 of Mickey Mantle. I believe that the reason why they did this was because they had the rights to produce Mickey Mantle cards during this time period. However, in 2013, guess what Topps has decided to do? They decided once again to omit card #7 again! Really Topps? It’s like déjà vu all over again!
What I would like to see Topps do in some form or fashion is to create a small set of cards to serve as fillers for all collectors who want to make their sets complete with zero gaps. If they would do this, I would like to see the checklist include these numbers:

1953 Topps: 253-261-267-268-271-275

1955 Topps: 175-186-203-209

1958 Topps: 145

1961 Topps: 587-588

1997 Topps: 7

1998 Topps: 7

1999 Topps: 7

2000 Topps: 7

2001 Topps: 7

2002 Topps: 7

2003 Topps: 7

2004 Topps: 7

2005 Topps: 7

2013 Topps: 7

Am I missing any? I know there was a 2006 #297 Alex Gordon so I did not include that since they are available. They could hand out these 23 card packs to hobby stores to help promote Topps set collectors.

Well, do you like my idea? I know that Topps has produced “Cards That Never Were” before at the National Card Convention for a few years but they are just not the same as the originals. Most of them have a glossy finish to them and don't look or feel very vintage to me.

By the way, I have a title for my insert set – “Cards That Should Have Been!” :0)

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8 Responses to More About the Omission of #7 From Topps Sets

  1. Craig:

    Topps did create a 10-card insert set featuring “Cards That Never Were” featuring players that were not a part of the original set. With the exception of the cards from 1954 (which were “numbered” 251 and 252), the cards were numbered with the missing numbers from the sets they could have been a part of:

    60YOTLC1 Stan Musial 1953
    60YOTLC2 Duke Snider 1953
    60YOTLC3 Mickey Mantle 1954
    60YOTLC4 Roy Campanella 1954
    60YOTLC5 Stan Musial 1955
    60YOTLC6 Whitey Ford 1955
    60YOTLC7 Bob Feller 1955
    60YOTLC8 Mickey Mantle 1955
    60YOTLC9 Stan Musial 1956
    60YOTLC10 Stan Musial 1957

    Actually, there were two sets. The first set, the basic one, had a brief bio on the back explaining why the card was supposedly missing from the set.
    The second set, which was short printed, were “reprints” of what these cards would have looked like, including original back designs.


    JayBee Anama

    • cparker94 says:

      Oh yes, the original backs from 2010. I guess I could have filled my gaps with those but the idea of putting glossy cards in my vintage sets makes me a little queasy. 🙂

      They fell one per box so it is a difficult set to put together. Thank you for the information JayBee — much appreciated!!

      Craig from Texas

  2. I guess you could include cards 587 and 588 from ’61 Topps

    • cparker94 says:


      Yes, I can’t believe I forgot about those two. They should have been included. Thank you for pointing that out!

      Craig from Texas

  3. Cody says:

    I was disappointed to see that Mantle is not in 2013 Topps. I wonder if he will be including in other products this year? Since 2006, he had been in the base set (with inserts) each year.

    Looking back, he was also left out of the 2012 Topps Chrome set.

    • cparker94 says:

      I’m sure it had to do with licensing rights but I have to agree with you. I don’t care who Topps makes as #7, just make a #7!

      Craig from Texas

  4. Bryan says:

    It is a dumb move. Mantle never had a card#7 (yes it’s his uniform number). It makes a set look incomplete when you put sets in sheets like I do. As much as I love the Yankees, there are other player more worthy but the concept is just dumb. Their contract ran out the Mantle’s estate. His kids sold their interest in it a long time ago. (My wife worked for an attorney that one of Mick’s sons used.) I guess Topps thinks someone cares. Trust me, they do not.

    • cparker94 says:

      Nice comments – thanks! It’ll be interesting to see how they handle 2014 Topps. I asked Topps to bring back #7 to the set. We will see what happens. 🙂

      Craig from Texas

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