Only 27 Days Until 2013 Topps!

2013 Topps is only 27 days away! Every year it has been a ritual at the Parker household to bust open the new year's Topps offering and put a set of these cards together. The cards are then placed in a notebook for safekeeping. Since 2010, Topps has implemented a very popular online promotion each year to add value to what already is a great product.

In 2010, the Million Card Giveaway promotion was centered around the theme "Cards Your Mom Threw Out". I ended up buying a ton of this product and remember redeeming code cards online for real vintage cards. I received several from the 50's and 60's and it was fun to be able to trade with others online.
In 2011, Topps came out with a promotion that focused on diamonds. It was called the Topps Diamond Giveaway. You couldn't get vintage cards like you could in the promotion that preceded this one but you could get diamond die cut cards plus cards with real diamonds on them. The main problem with this promotion was most of the code cards were redeemed for virtual prizes. A big turn off for me but I considered these code cards as an added bonus so any real cards I got from this promotion was like icing on the cake.
For 2012, Topps basically copied the same formula as they made in 2011 but instead of going with the diamond theme, they decided to add a golden touch. They called this golden promotion the Golden Giveaway. I remember buying a ton of code cards and was very disappointed at the rate of unlocking actual die-cut cards. I believe I unlocked over 200 codes and only received ten cards. However, Topps kind of made up for it by giving a gold embedded card to the first 100 people to unlock 200 codes. I received a common player but was able to sell it for $100.
So what will things be like in 2013 Topps? I really think there will be an online promotion. The theme for 2013 is "The Chase" so there's no telling what Topps will come up with. My wish is that Topps would come up with a promotion that gives people a vested interest in following certain "chases".
Here is one of my ideas...

Follow The Triple Crown PROMOTION!

384 cards – one per two boxes -- If you end up with the six cards representing the player or players with the highest batting average, home runs, and RBI in each league, you can turn these into Topps for a special prize! There will be 64 cards from each category (64 AL HR leader, 64 AL AVG leader, 64 AL RBI leader, 64 NL HR leader, 64 NL AVG leader, and 64 NL RBI leader). You would need to collect all six cards to turn in for the special prize.

My recommendation for the special prize would be oversized 2013 Topps baseball cards with a one in five chance of getting one that is autographed! It's fun to follow baseball and could be even more fun to follow it when there is a chance of winning cards!

Only 27 days away! Topps is known for nice surprises. Looking forward to them revealing more about this awesome product!!

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