Topps Decides to Omit #7 Again – UGH!!!

Unless Topps has some type of surprise up its sleeve, it appears that once again, like they did from 1997-2005, Topps has decided to omit card #7 from their flagship base set to honor Mickey Mantle. This frustrates set collectors and in my opinion can be misleading to someone who doesn't know about the "missing" card. Imagine the person who buys packs at Wal Mart putting the set together and realizing that they are one card short. I feel for them if they don't know that card #7 doesn't exist. I find it ironic that I just wrote an article just last week about the number one thing that I wish Topps did not do in their history. Guess what it was? Read the article here. Simply unbelievable!

The Omission of #7 - Why Topps, Why???

Thank you for following my blog! I will continue to support Topps even though this is a huge mistake for them in my opinion.

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