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My Lifetime Card Collecting Project

My lifetime card collecting project is to have a complete Topps set run from 1951 to present. This is something that I am very serious about completing someday as it is very challenging, fun, and rewarding. I started a long … Continue reading

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2013 Topps Heritage Cut Signature Sold!

I started an auction for this card at $200 and I dropped it by $5 each day until it sold. Which it did just a bit earlier today. Check it out here! 2013 Topps Heritage Cut Signature!

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2013 Bowman Is Live!!!

The long anticipated 2013 Bowman is live!! This product is always a hot seller. For the Bowman checklist, click here: 2013 Bowman Checklist

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Top Ten List of My Best Pack Pulls in 2013

I started tracking my best cards that I have pulled from packs back in 2006. It’s interesting to see what cards I have opened from packs and some of the amazing sell prices. Here is my Hall of Fame list. … Continue reading

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