Is Topps Heritage Live? Maybe Today….

Although Topps Heritage is supposed to release this Friday after a couple of delays, it is likely that we will see Topps Heritage in retail stores and on eBay prior to then. At this time, it is not live.

I am efforting to get a list of the odds of the inserts as that will tell us more about the production run and whether or not this product is watered down. I am most interested in the Real One Autograph odds. Last year in 2013 Topps Heritage, Topps advertised that they could be found at two times the normal rate. This was a huge improvement. If odds are 1:144 or better for this year, I would be very pleased.

Stay tuned as I'll post the odds here once I know them. Also, I'm sure Topps will release more pictures today so as they do I'll capture them all here:

2014 Topps Heritage Real One Autograph #ROA-EB Ernie Banks

2014 Topps Heritage Real One Autograph #ROA-CJ Chipper Jones

2014 Topps Heritage Real One Special Edition Autograph #ROA-DM Don Mattingly

2014 Topps Heritage Real One Dual Autograph Wade Boggs/Evan Longoria

2014 Topps Heritage Real One Dual Autograph Evan Longoria/Wil Myers


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2 Responses to Is Topps Heritage Live? Maybe Today….

  1. Jonathan says:

    Here are the possible Odds for 2014 Heritage.. taken from the blowout cards forum.

    Shortprints 1:3
    New Age Performers 1:8
    Then and Now 1:10
    Baseball Flashbacks 1:12
    News Flashbacks 1:12
    1965 MLB Draft 1:12
    Chrome Base Variation 1:14
    Action Image Variation 1:23
    Chrome Base Refractor Variation 1:27
    Clubhouse Collection Relic 1:35
    Logo Variation 1:135
    Real One Autograph 1:141
    Mini Base Variation 1:220
    Chrome Base Black Refractor Variation 1:225
    Clubhouse Collection Gold Relic 1:365
    Real One Red Ink Autograph 1:372
    Black Back Variation 1:444
    Error Variation 1:1,473
    Chrome Base Gold Refractor Variation 1:1,695
    1965 US Postal Stamp Relic 1:1,885
    1965 Mint Nickel Coin Relic 1:2,830
    Throwback Uniform Variation 1:3,175
    Real One Dual Autograph 1:3,386
    Clubhouse Collection Dual Relic 1:4,451
    1965 Mint Dime Coin Relic 1:5,660
    Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relic 1:5,965
    Flashbacks Autograph Relic 1:5,965
    Clubhouse Collection Triple Relic 1:11,650
    1965 Topps Embossed 1:14,667
    Keith Olbermann Autograph 1:15,000
    1965 Mint Quarter Coin Relic 1:16,864
    Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relic 1:16,864
    Clubhouse Collection Quad Relic 1:28,930
    Real One Triple Autograph 1:33,728
    1965 Topps Hot Iron Transfers Buybacks 1:44,000
    Patch Book Card 1:65,000
    1965 Topps Gilligan’s Island Buybacks 1:75,000
    1965 Cut Signature 1:80,000
    1965 Celebrity Cut Signature 1:80,000
    1965 Mint Half Dollar Coin Relic 1:161,890
    1965 Topps Superman Buybacks 1:400,000
    1965 Topps Rolling Stones Buybacks 1:800,000
    1965 Topps Complete Set Redemption Card 1:809,472
    1965 Topps Flash Gordon Buybacks 1:809,472
    1965 Giant Baseball Boxloader N/A
    1965 Giant Baseball Boxloader Relic N/A
    1965 Giant Baseball Boxloader Autograph N/A
    1965 Ad Panel Boxloader N/A
    1965 Originals (Stamped with 50th Anniversary gold foil) N/A

  2. Craig Parker says:

    Thanks Jonathan! I actually created that list by putting the odds in order. Someone must have cut and pasted it into the Blowout Forums. I hope they gave me credit!

    Craig from Texas

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