Opening a retail box of 2015 Topps Chrome…

So I finally decided to open up a retail box from Walmart over the weekend as I have heard that retail has had some great pulls from 2015 Topps Chrome. The box cost me $19.97 and has seven packs of four cards each and a bonus pack of sepia colored cards containing four cards. So that is exactly 32 cards. Here are the 32 cards I received:


4 Joe Mauer
9 Andrelton Simmons
13 Jonathan Lucroy
29 Yorman Rodriguez
34 Austin Jackson
35 Matt Kemp
69 Bryce Brentz
71 Melvin Mercedes
77 Charlie Blackmon
96 Archie Bradley
106 Paul Goldschmidt
109 Torii Hunter
124 David Ortiz
132 Cory Spangenberg
143 CC Sabathia
144 Dallas Keuchel
159 Kyle Lobstein
162 Miguel Cabrera
169 Salvador Perez
171 Buck Farmer
182 Marcell Ozuna
192 Christian Walker
197 Mike Minor


15 Anthony Ranaudo (SEPIA REFRACTOR)
117 Zack Wheeler (SEPIA REFRACTOR)
192 Christian Walker (SEPIA REFRACTOR)
194 Dellin Betances (SEPIA REFRACTOR)


16 Tommy La Stella REFRACTOR -- 1 in 3 packs
176 Lorenzo Cain REFRACTOR -- 1 in 3 packs
134 Edwin Encarnacion PRISM REFRACTOR -- 1 in 6 packs
GGR-21 Buster Posey GALLERY OF GREATS -- 1 in 24 packs
AR-TM Trevor May ROOKIE AUTOGRAPH REFRACTOR 479/499 -- 1 in 211 packs

2015 ToppsChromeInserts

Click on the cards to see a bigger and clearer picture

I was pretty pleased with the box as it is always a thrill to get an autograph no matter who the player is. I also like opening Topps Chrome because of all the different refractors. So, Leon from New Jersey, if you are reading this, let me know which of these 32 cards you want as you are welcome to all of them. Leon has helped me tremendously with my vintage sets from the 50's and 60's and without his help my quest for a complete Topps set run would be far from just 609 cards away.

This year, Topps has caused some confusion to collectors as they did not stamp the word "refractor" on the back of the card as they did in the past. For me, I don't need to look at the back to distinguish if a card is a refractor or not. A refractor for me sticks out like a sore thumb. However, for some collectors, they can't tell the difference at all. It reminds me of those optical illusion drawings where if you hold it at a certain distance, some people can see an image and some can't.

Since I was asked a few times how I can tell what is a refractor and what isn't, I reached out to fellow collector and all around good guy Brent Williams of brentandbecca fame what he has been telling his collectors. Brent said:

"I tell people to hold cards in the light and tilt it watching the background and the borders for the light to be refracted. You should see multiple colors as the card is tilted but only in the background not the player. That is key. If looking at the player you won't see it as they don't add the effect to the player but the rest of the card. And if one has a base counterpart then they can do a side by side comparison and it's even easier to tell."

Very well said Brent! With this information, the mystery of what is and what isn't a refractor should be solved! If you have any comments, I would love to hear them as always!

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