Breaking Down a Case of 2015 Topps Heritage

Are you considering opening a case of 2015 Topps Heritage?  If you are, I strongly suggest you keep reading this article as I am going to give you a detailed cost analysis of what I got from my first case.  But before you do, let me tell you why I open a case of Heritage every year.


1) Because it is fun.  This is the one and only time of the year I look forward to opening a bunch of packs of baseball cards and reliving my younger days.  I have opened at least one case of Topps Heritage every year since 2006.
2) Because I like to trade.  Although the only cards I collect for my private collection are vintage cards, I have found a few people out there who are willing to trade their older vintage cards for my Topps Heritage cards.  These people have helped me tremendously with my life long goal of having every Topps base set from 1951 to present.  Big thanks to Leon from New Jersey with his continued help with me achieving this goal. Currently, I am now only 647 cards short from having them all!
3) Because I like to add to my vintage sets.  With the โ€œhitsโ€ I get from my packs, I usually sell them quick on eBay in order to raise cash to buy cards I need from my sets.  Keep reading this article to see how well I fared for this year.
4) Because I like to add to my Topps Heritage store.  All of my extra base cards, short print cards, and some insert cards from all years 2001 through 2015 can be found for sale on my web site at  When I sell these cards, I then buy cards that I need for my sets.  My want lists for my sets can also be found at that web site.  


I ended up buying my first case for $675.  After hours of opening, sorting, trading, selling, and shipping, here are the results. 


Box 1 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #473 Adrian Gonzalez Mini Variation 075/100

Box 2 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #CCR-HA Hank Aaron Clubhouse Collection Gold 17/99 

Box 3 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #86 Norichika Aoki Blue Back Variation

Box 4 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #CCR-MC Miguel Cabrera Clubhouse Collection

Box 5 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #CCR-MC Miguel Cabrera Clubhouse Collection Gold 46/99

Box 6 best card - 2015 Topps Heritage #462 Felix Hernandez Action Image Variation

Box 7 best card - 2015 Topps Heritage #480 David Ortiz Action Image Variation

Box 8 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #350 Masahiro Tanaka Chrome Refractor 072/566

Box 9 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #CCR-AJ Adam Jones Clubhouse Collection

Box 10 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #ROA-MB Mike Brumley Real One Autograph Card

Box 11 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #350 Masahiro Tanaka Action Image Variation

Box 12 best card -- 2015 Topps Heritage #489 Jason Kipnis Mini Variation 020/100


Case cost:  $675.  This was probably the weakest case I have ever opened in terms of "hits".  This is the first time I have ever opened a case and was unable to sell a single card over $50. Last year I was able to sell a 2014 Topps Heritage Black Refractor card of Derek Jeter for $299. This year the best card I received was sold for $43 (see below).


In order to give my vintage sets a little boost, I made a couple of trades:


Card trade #1:  

I traded 4 original box toppers. 6 ad panel box toppers, a Buster Posey Action Image Variation, and a Victor Martinez Action Image Variation card for a Mike Trout Action Image Variation card.  Why?I don't collect Mike Trout -- I collect vintage, right?  Well, that's because my friend from New Jersey does and I'll be able to trade it for my vintage needs.

Card trade #2:  

I traded a complete 75 card shortprint set and a Mike Trout Action Image Variation card to my New Jersey friend for:

1952 Topps #23 (at least G)
1952 Topps #225 (at least G)
1953 Topps #122 Elmer Valo (at least G)
1953 Topps #132 Tom Morgan (at least G)
1953 Topps #137 John Rutherford (at least G)
1953 Topps #178 Jim Waugh (at least G)
1954 Topps #2 Gus Zernial  (at least VG)
1954 Topps #8 Bob Young  (at least VG)
1954 Topps #21 Bobby Shantz (at least VG)
1954 Topps #48 Billy Hunter (at least VG)
1954 Topps #83 Joe Collins (at least VG)
1954 Topps #85 Bob Turley (at least VG)
1954 Topps #91 Bob Oldis (at least VG)
1954 Topps #101 Gene Woodling (at least VG)
1954 Topps #107 Duane Pillette (at least VG)
1954 Topps #109 Bill Bruton (at least VG)
1954 Topps #122 Johnny Logan (at least VG)
1954 Topps #160 Ralph Kress (at least VG)
1954 Topps #175 Frank Leja (at least VG)
1954 Topps #194 Bill Sarni (at least VG)
1954 Topps #214 Arnie Portocarrero (at least VG)
1954 Topps #223 Joe Haynes (at least VG)
1956 Topps #125 Minnie Minoso (at least EX)

Cards sold -- here's a list of what I sold:

2015 Topps Heritage #473 Adrian Gonzalez Mini Variation 075/100 $9.09
2015 Topps Heritage Lot of 9 Gum Stain Shortprint Cards $13.50
2015 Topps Heritage Lot of 19 Purple Refractors $20.15
2015 Topps Heritage #493 Kyle Seager Chrome Refractor 297/566 $4.25
2015 Topps Heritage #70 Yoenis Cespedes Chrome Refractor 378/566 $7.50
2015 Topps Heritage #433 Jered Weaver Chrome Refractor 406/566 $2.60
2015 Topps Heritage #473 Adrian Gonzalez Chrome Refractor 082/566 $4.12
2015 Topps Heritage #487 Edwin Encarnacion Chrome Refractor 181/566 $3.01
2015 Topps Heritage #10 Julio Teheran Chrome Refractor 458/566 $2.80
2015 Topps Heritage #ROA-MB Mike Brumley Real One Autograph Card $14.38
2015 Topps Heritage Original Stamped Buyback 1968 Topps #243 Rich Rollins $4.34
2015 Topps Heritage Original Stamped Buyback 1968 Topps #253 Dick Hughes $3.01
2015 Topps Heritage #ROA-EBR Ernie Broglio Real One Autograph Card $23.00
2015 Topps Heritage #428 Evan Longoria Color Swap Variation $6.50
2015 Topps Heritage #444 Jose Bautista Color Swap Variation $4.52
2015 Topps Heritage Lot of 7 Action Image Variation Cards $20.01
2015 Topps Heritage #450 Yasiel Puig Action Image Variation $4.75
2015 Topps Heritage #350 Masahiro Tanaka Action Image Variation $6.00
2015 Topps Heritage #100 Clayton Kershaw Action Image Variation $6.72
2015 Topps Heritage #350 Masahiro Tanaka Chrome Refractor 072/566 $10.00
2015 Topps Heritage #1 Buster Posey Purple Refractor $2.83
2015 Topps Heritage #450 Yasiel Puig Purple Refractor $1.61
2015 Topps Heritage #100 Clayton Kershaw Purple Refractor $3.26
2015 Topps Heritage #25 Jose Abreu Purple Refractor $4.80
2015 Topps Heritage #356 Rusney Castillo / Anthony Ranaudo Purple Refractor $6.50
2015 Topps Heritage Lot of 13 Chrome Inserts $34.50
2015 Topps Heritage #CCR-HA Hank Aaron Clubhouse Collection Gold 17/99 $43.00
2015 Topps Heritage #CCR-MC Miguel Cabrera Clubhouse Collection Gold 46/99 $17.50
2015 Topps Heritage Lot of 8 Clubhouse Collection JerseyInserts $20.50
2015 Topps Heritage #495 Justin Verlander Mini Variation 049/100 $12.50
2015 Topps Heritage #489 Jason Kipnis Mini Variation 020/100 $17.50
2015 Topps Heritage #86 Norichika Aoki Blue Back Variation $28.00

Cards bought -- here's a list of what I bought:

1954 Topps #120 Roy McMillan (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #126 Ben Wade (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #129 Forrest Jacobs (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #141 Joey Jay (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #153 Al Walker (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #199 Rocky Nelson (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #207 Tom Oliver (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #235 Vern Law (at least VG) $3.50
1954 Topps #239 Bill Skowron (at least VG) $9.00
1954 Topps #241 Robert Miller (at least VG) $3.50


Final Summary:

So basically I turned a $675 case of 2015 Topps Heritage into:

33 vintage cards and $275.88 (cards sold of $362.75 minus fees of $86.87)

And of that $275.88, I spent $41 on ten 1954 Topps cards. 

So my case leaves me with: $234.88, 43 vintage cards, four base sets of 2015 Topps Heritage, and lots of duplicate SPs and inserts. 

How do you think I did?

Let me know!

Craig from Texas




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11 Responses to Breaking Down a Case of 2015 Topps Heritage

  1. Paul E says:

    As you said, it was a weak case, but that happens. It’s a fun rip for me and I always enjoy reading people’s case busts on this product, since I can manage a couple of blasters or a hobby box at a time most years. Still, if you can dump the base sets for $15-20 each , that’s another $60-80 added to your cash side, which would bring you to roughly $300 cash plus the SP’s. Thanks for the insight and sorry it wasn’t as strong as other years.

  2. Tres Bradshaw says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed reading this. I am one of the typical 40-something guys that collected back in the late 80’s early 90’s heyday, then lost interest as college, career, etc kicked in. For some reason, my interest revived and I found out that basically for the most part, what I collected back in my youth in terms of value is mostly junk. But I guess I am a weird collector….I certainly appreciate and take special interest and pride in the values, but I just like to collect….I love baseball and I like to have baseball stuff. So this has been good in that I have been able to load up on alot of 80’s and 90’s stuff for cheap.

    Anyway….upon getting back into the hobby, I concentrated on Topps Tiffany sets….I have all but the 84 traded, 85 main set and 91 main set. That has been fun to collect. Then my nostalgic roots started kicking in and I discovered heritage and archives, which I am a fan of both. So anything I can read on those lines I am interested in.

    I have always wanted to buy a case and I considered it this year….heck…I am 5 boxes in on 2015 heritage, and STILL way short of finishing my set….especially the SPs. I will say that the whole SP thing of late is extremely frustrating. It is nice that it adds additional value and some challenge, but it is almost too challenging! I am a set builder…always have been…but it really makes set building cost prohibitive. Better off to just buy a master set on Ebay….but that is not as fun. That is where they get us! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway….looked at your other website….is that fairly current as to what you have in stock? I am trying to complete 2007, 2012 and 2015 heritage. I have base sets from 2013 and 2014 and need the SPs.

    Would be interested in doing some business with you.

    CHECK THIS OUT…..have to tell someone. Opened a box of 2015 heritage last night….Topps really screwed up…..every pack had a purple chrome card….every last one! Ended up with 24 purples……and they also had the standard inserts, so a couple packs I pulled a purple and a standard refractor….NICE! Topps obviously screwed up as every purple was the back card in the pack.

    Ever heard of this happening before???

    Thanks….look forward to hearing from you.

    • cparker94 says:


      Thanks for the great post! Yes, my web site at is current and I have lots of Topps Heritage base cards and short print cards in stock. I would like to help you with your sets! As far as the purple refractors go, you got what is called a hot box. One box out of a case (12 boxes) has a purple refractor in every pack. So, you basically had an 8.33% chance of getting this hot box.

      Let me know if I can help you complete Heritage sets. You can order through my web site or you may email me at


      Craig from Texas

      • Tres Bradshaw says:

        Wow….I have seen that term on Ebay…”hot box”, but I never knew what it was….thanks for that info. I know what a “hot pack” is as I have purchased a couple. Considering that was my 5th total box, I guess I did quite well as I was still below 50/50.

        So tell me….are the purples the equivalent of the standard un-numbered refractors, but only high number?

        Thanks for the contact info….I currently have one feeler out there filling the gaps in my sets….once I hear back from him, I will reach out to you to see what you have.


        • Craig Parker says:


          Don’t buy hot packs. Those are sold by people who already know the exact cards inside the pack. That’s why they guarantee a game used card or autograph card inside. They reseal the packs after opening them. So save your money on those. The purple refractors are highly collectible. Just as regular refractors are. I prefer the regular refractors because of the serial numbering. Check out my web site if I can help fill in those gaps for you.

          Craig from Texas

  3. Lucas W says:

    Do you have any idea as the value of the gold refractor cards? I pulled a Yasiel Puig from a hobby box and noticed the serial number on the back is 1/5

  4. Bill says:

    I have. Julio Tehran throwback card. Can’t find a value anywhere. Can you help? Thanks.

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