2016 Topps Heritage Hobby Jumbos!

No, there will not be 2016 Topps Heritage Hobby Jumbos this year but I thought I'd write a bit about the topic in hopes that maybe sometime in the future it could become a reality. I think it could be very interesting if Topps created these. They could produce Jumbo boxes that guarantee one or two shortprints per pack and one autograph per box. In fact, I would like to see autographs created specifically for the Hobby Jumbos that couldn't be found in regular packs. Also, I would also like to see a team promotion of some type to keep collectors more involved during the season. My suggestion would be to bring back the Super Team promotions that were popular in the early 90's in Topps Stadium Club products. 

Collectors could collect a Super Team card and if that team wins the World Series, then the collector could get a special set of silver refractors plus a random autograph from that team. Of course, you would have to make the Super Team cards hard to get -- my recommendation is one per case. 

If Topps were to make Topps Heritage Jumbos in the future, what would you like to see included?  I'd like to hear your thoughts!

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