2016 Topps Heritage — Short Prints

2016 Topps Heritage has 425 base cards plus 75 shortprinted cards. These shortprint cards will most likely be numbered 426-500 based on how Topps has numbered shortprints on previous releases over the past several years.  If the odds are the same as they have been in the past, a collector can expect to find eight shortprint cards out of a box. With perfect collation, a collector can put together a shortprint set out of approximately 9 and a half boxes.  The set is pretty difficult to put together unless you plan on buying at least a case of cards. Since the shortprint cards are highly sought after by set collectors, it should be rather simple to find someone to trade with you should you get any duplicates. 

Stay tuned for future articles on Topps Heritage cards as we get closer to the release date of March 2nd!

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