A Live Look at 2016 Topps Heritage!!

Although 2016 Topps Heritage won't be released until March 2nd, Topps has given us a little peek of a card that can be found in the product once it is live. Here is a picture of Minnesota Twins rookie Miguel Sano signing his blue and red Real One Autographs which will be inserted into packs of 2016 Topps Heritage...

I really like the look of these cards!  The 2016 Topps Heritage set used the same design as the 1967 Topps set.  The 1967 Topps set is my third favorite vintage set of all time with 1957 and 1965 placing first and second. I can vividly remember being in the fifth grade at school and trading for a 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle card during recess among a group of friends. That Mickey Mantle card was the first Mantle card I had ever seen in person and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to trade for it. So, about 200 Topps cards from 1978 later, I became the proud owner of that 1967 Topps Mantle! I carefully placed the Mantle inside my textbook and placed it in my locker at school for safekeeping. Back in those days, the term "locker" was a bit of a misnomer since we didn't have locks. Lockers were simply a place to keep your books and coats and were accessible to anyone. They were also accessible to anyone who saw me put that Mantle in my textbook. After the bell rang, I excitedly ran to my locker to take another view of the legendary card I traded for, and it was gone!!  I felt like crying. The next day someone at school told me they saw someone in my locker going through my books. I confronted that person and he denied taking the card. He convinced me that it wasn't him. To this day, I still do not know who took the Mantle but I'm sure it was one of the kids who saw me trade for it at recess. Once I graduated college and began working in the real world, one of the first things I did was to buy a high grade 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle. Paid $200 for it at the time and it gave me piece of mind finally after all of those years. However, if you are that kid who stole my Mantle, I'd like to hear from you. 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures that will bring back memories to those of you who collected cards in 1967...

The packaging for 2016 Topps Heritage should look similar to these designs. I plan on opening 3 or 4 cases and look forward to the release date on March 2nd. Only 41 days away!!

Craig from Texas

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