2018 Topps Heritage Presell Prices Reach $1,000!

Last year, Topps Heritage soared in price once collectors caught on to the Aaron Judge craze. Cases were selling for over three times what I paid for mine. This year, prices have once again gone up and we are still over a month and a half away from release date? Why is this? Many are speculating that distributors are holding back product. Some say that they think there will be special Ohtani rookie cards. This is not true as Topps has already said that Ohtani won't be in products until late Spring. Whatever the reason for the four figure price tag, this has me out of the case buying game. For years I've bought my cases around the $650 mark. This year, I've decided to buy retail versus hobby. Just can't afford the high prices of hobby. I'm still excited for the release. Product releases February 28th.

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