2018 Topps Heritage Sell Sheet (page 2 of 9)

Today, I'm showing you the second page of the 2018 Topps Heritage sell sheets:

There will be 500 base cards and just like last year, there will be 100 shortprints for set collectors to collect. There will four kinds of subsets to collect that are part of the base set. Just like in 1969, those sets are League Leaders, World Series Highlights, Topps News All-Stars, and Rookie Stars. There are four different types of base card parallels to hunt after. Black bordered cards will be numbered to 50, 100th MLB Logo cards numbered to 25, Magenta Backs numbered to 10, and Flip Stock parallel numbered to just five copies each. 2018 Topps Heritage has a lot more to offer and I'll talk about that in a future post.

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