2018 Topps Heritage Sell Sheet (page 3 of 9)

The 2018 Topps Heritage set has 500 base cards.  Of those base cards, 100 of them are short printed.  There will be a bunch of variations, minis, and chrome parallels to collect.  Throwback uniform variations are very popular with collectors and extremely limited.  Action image variations and team name color variations are found in hobby only and give set collectors more cards to chase after in completing their master sets.  I was told that every base card will have a mini variation card serially numbered to 100.  In the past their have only been 100 mini cards on the checklist.  As far as chromes go, black refractors are back by popular demand.  Last year, they had blue refractors and some of the chromes were hard to tell the difference unless you knew what to look for.  This year I was told that you will be able to tell the difference quite easily.  Chromes will most likely be serially numbered to 999, refractors to 569, blacks to 69, gold to 5, and superfractors to 1.  Also, there will be a hot box refractor parallel in which every pack in a box will have a special refractor.  In years past these have been referred to as purple refractors.   Here is the third page of the 2018 Topps Heritage sell sheet:

I will continue to break down the rest of the sell sheets in future posts so stay tuned. Thank you!

Craig from Texas


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