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Hello gang!

My name is Craig and I have been a huge fan of Topps cards ever since I was six years old.  Every time my mom would go to the grocery store she would buy me a pack or two and I ever since then I have never stopped collecting.  I have bought, sold, and traded baseball cards for over thirty years.  Back in 1990, I began a quest to have a complete run of Topps sets dating back from 1952 to present in solid EX or better condition.  This has been a very slow process as I knew it would be a lifelong goal to achieve. I have completed the 1957, 1959 and all sets from 1968 to present.  I am at least 86% complete in all of the other sets as of August 2012.  I will continue to chip away at this huge undertaking.  I am sure one day my son, who is currently three months old, will appreciate this. I enjoy keeping up with the hobby and conversing with those who share my passion.

Happy collecting!


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  1. Pete says:

    When you put sets together what do you consider a complete set? Also what do you collect just topps sets?

    • cparker94 says:

      I only collect the base cards — not the inserts. So I consider a complete set to be all the base cards which these days are usually 660 cards each.

  2. Pete says:

    Are the photos all the boxes of heritage u opened?

  3. Pete says:

    That is awesome! So you only collect topps and topps heritage? For the recent sets do u buy packs or buy set outright? Why so many heritage if you only put the base set together.

  4. cparker94 says:

    Why so much? Good question! I enjoy opening packs but all of this craziness has to have a purpose right? It does. Here’s what I do every year. I have a few people who give me some vintage cards throughout the year that I need for my vintage sets (wantlist is at http://www.mytoppscards.com). In turn, I’ll give them an equal value of Heritage cards or sets. It works out great. This way I don’t have to just buy the cards I need, I get to open packs, and trade with friends. I then sell the rest of my hits on my website and Ebay. The money made off that goes to purchase more of my vintage needs. My hopes after this year’s Heritage release is to be able to knock out the 1966 and 1967 Topps set. Now you know the method behind my madness!

    Craig from Texas

  5. Pete says:

    Craig that is a great way to collect. I’m kind of in flux as to my collecting focus – I tend to get very sidetracked. Here is my story – I collect baseball only and have focused for a long time on obtaining any yankee card any brand and I also like any cards of hall of famers or future hall of famers. I love the vintage stuff but also like the topps sets and heritage sets as well. So that being said I have gone back and forth if I should work on putting topps and topps heritage sets to at least 1960 for now and continue my every yankee card pursuit. I feel that how I collect now is very different because no sense of competition. I would be curious to hear your thoughts.

  6. cparker94 says:


    The best way to collect is to do what you enjoy the most. For me, I used to complete sets and then sell them to pursue something else. I kept changing my focus so much that I really had no rhyme or reason to my collecting habits. I then decided on this life long goal of collecting every Topps base set. It has been very challenging and rewarding as I knock off set by set on my way to a complete set run. The sense of completion is a big thrill. One suggestion I would have for you is to come up with a checklist of all of he Yankee cards you want to add to your collection and mark them off as you add cards. Once the checklist is complete, there is your sense of completion!

    If I can help you with your Heritage sets, please check out my web site at:


    Craig from Texas

  7. David Graveline says:

    Craig, in the 2012 Heritage set (the first Heritage set I put together), why isn’t there team cards of all the teams, there is only 12 team cards in this set. I was going to collect them as a side project and noticed this.

    Thanks, Dave

    • Craig Parker says:


      That’s a very good question. Usually Heritage patterns itself after one of Topps’ vintage sets. The 2012 is patterned after 1963. Back in the 1963, there were 20 team cards so I really do not know the reason why Topps did not produce more than 12. I wish I knew the answer for you, but I don’t know. Sometimes the minds at Topps do things that defy explanation. :0)

      Craig from Texas

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