2013 Allen and Ginter Codes, Ciphers, and Cryptographs Checklist

Every year, thousands of Allen and Ginter collectors take aim to be the first to crack the Ginter code. The 2013 Allen & Ginter set pays a special tribute to code crackers everywhere with its Codes, Ciphers, and Cryptographs set. These ten cards expose some of the most famous codes ever known.

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2013 Allen & Ginter Codes, Ciphers, and Cryptographs Checklist
CCC-BC Beale Ciphers
CCC-DAG D'agapeyeff Cipher
CCC-DC Dorabella Cipher
CCC-IS Indus Script
CCC-KRY Kryptos
CCC-LA Linear A
CCC-PD The Phaistos Disc
CCC-SHE Shugborough Hall Inscription
CCC-VM The Voynich Manuscript
CCC-ZK Zodiac Killer

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