2013 Allen and Ginter Inquiring Minds Checklist

The 21 card Inquiring Minds insert set features some of the greatest philosophers of all time. These are mini cards.

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2013 Allen & Ginter Inquiring Minds Checklist
IM-AR Aristotle
IM-AS Arthur Schopenhauer
IM-AUG St. Augustine
IM-BS Baruch Spinoza
IM-EP Epicurus
IM-FB Francis Bacon
IM-FN Friedrich Nietzsche
IM-GH Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
IM-HA Hannah Arendt
IM-IK Immanuel Kant
IM-JL John Locke
IM-JPS Jean-Paul Sartre
IM-KM Karl Marx
IM-NM Niccolo Machiavelli
IM-PTO Plato
IM-RD Rene Descartes
IM-SCR Socrates
IM-SDB Simone de Beauvoir
IM-ST Sun Tzu
IM-TA Thomas Aquinas
IM-TH Thomas Hobbes

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