2013 Allen and Ginter Relics Checklist

The folks at Topps decided to tinker with the existing formula for their basic relic offering in hopes to make it even better.  This year there are three different types of basic relic cards to chase.  The mini relics, which we are all accustomed to, feature two different designs and no box will contain two of the same relic design so collector’s will have one of each.  New for 2013 are full sized relics.  The checklist for full sized relics consists of 50 different relics and is of different subjects than those found in the mini relic versions.

2013 Allen & Ginter Cal Ripken Relic

2013 Allen & Ginter Cal Ripken Relic

Allen & Ginter Mini Relics (138):  2013 Allen & Ginter features two different relic designs for     the mini relics in an extensive checklist covering 100 baseball stars along with 38 non-baseball selections.

Allen & Ginter Full Sized Relics (50):  These cards really stand out to those who have     collected Allen & Ginter over the years as this is the first time Allen & Ginter has produced full sized versions of their popular mini relic cards.

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics (10):  You can own a piece of history if you are lucky enough to            pull one of these scarcities.  Each card is numbered one of one and consists of a strand of hair from a historical figure.  Checklist consists of the following subjects:  Alexander Hamilton, John F. Kennedy, John Brown, and Edward VIII.

2013 Allen & Ginter David Wright Relic

2013 Allen & Ginter David Wright Relic

Allen & Ginter Select Picks Relics:  These unique relic cards feature a guitar pick used by the      famous guitarist pictured on the card.  Each guitarist has just one card making this an extremely tough pull.  All of these cards are numbered one of one.

                Allen & Ginter Oddity Relics (4):  Allen & Ginter is known for the odd and unique so the folks at Topps decided to create an insert set dedicated to just that.  Look for odd relic pieces which include The Grassy Knoll, President Obama, and Wrigley Field.

Arachnology Cards:  Don’t let these cards creep you out too much.  These hand crafted cards feature a fully preserved spider in an exquisite window-box-style card.  These cards are numbered one of one and are inserted into packs as redemptions.

Time Remaining: 7d 17h 38m

2013 Allen & and Ginter's Ginter Brandon Phillips Jersey Relic AGFR-BP Mint
2013 Allen & and Ginter's Ginter Brandon Phillips Jersey Relic AGFR-BP Mint
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 58m

Ian Kinsler, RELIC. 2013 Allen/Ginter.
Ian Kinsler, RELIC. 2013 Allen/Ginter.
Time Remaining: 8d 8h

2013 Allen & Ginter Prince Fielder Full Size Relic

2013 Allen & Ginter Prince Fielder Full Size Relic

2013 Allen & Ginter Baseball Relics Checklist
AGR-AA Alex Avila
AGR-AB Albert Belle
AGR-ABT Adrian Beltre
AGR-AC Asdrubal Cabrera
AGR-AG Alex Gordon
AGR-AGZ Adrian Gonzalez
AGR-AR Aramis Ramirez
AGR-AW Adam Wainwright
AGR-BB Brandon Belt
AGR-BG Brett Gardner
AGR-BMC Brian McCann
AGR-BP Buster Posey
AGR-BR Babe Ruth
AGR-CB Clay Buchholz
AGR-CBL Chad Billingsley
AGR-CF Cecil Fielder
AGR-CKM Craig Kimbrel
AGR-CL Cory Luebke
AGR-CM Cameron Maybin
AGR-CMR Carlos Marmol
AGR-CP Carlos Pena
AGR-CR Cody Ross
AGR-DA Dustin Ackley
AGR-DF Dexter Fowler
AGR-DJ Desmond Jennings
AGR-DP David Price
AGR-DS Drew Stubbs
AGR-DW David Wright
AGR-EA Elvis Andrus
AGR-EH Eric Hosmer
AGR-FH Felix Hernandez
AGR-FL Fred Lynn
AGR-FR Frank Robinson
AGR-GB Gordon Beckham
AGR-GBR George Brett
AGR-GC Gary Carter
AGR-GS Gary Sheffield
AGR-HA Henderson Alvarez
AGR-HI Hisashi Iwakuma
AGR-HK Harmon Killebrew
AGR-HP Hunter Pence
AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez
AGR-ID Ike Davis
AGR-IDS Ian Desmond
AGR-IK Ian Kennedy
AGR-JA Jose Altuve
AGR-JAX John Axford
AGR-JBR Jay Bruce
AGR-JC Johnny Cueto
AGR-JCH Jhoulys Chacin
AGR-JDM J.D. Martinez
AGR-JH Josh Hamilton
AGR-JHK Jeremy Hellickson
AGR-JHY Jason Heyward
AGR-JJ Jon Jay
AGR-JL Jon Lester
AGR-JM Justin Morneau
AGR-JMD James McDonald
AGR-JR Jimmy Rollins
AGR-JT Jose Tabata
AGR-JV Joey Votto
AGR-JVR Justin Verlander
AGR-JW Jered Weaver
AGR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann
AGR-KM Kendrys Morales
AGR-LB Lou Brock
AGR-LG Lou Gehrig
AGR-LLN Lance Lynn
AGR-LM Logan Morrison
AGR-MB Michael Bourn
AGR-MBU Madison Bumgarner
AGR-MC Matt Cain
AGR-MH Matt Holliday
AGR-MKP Matt Kemp
AGR-ML Mat Latos
AGR-MM Matt Moore
AGR-MSZ Max Scherzer
AGR-NC Nelson Cruz
AGR-NW Neil Walker
AGR-PF Prince Fielder
AGR-PM Paul Molitor
AGR-PON Paul O'Neill
AGR-PS Pablo Sandoval
AGR-RF Rafael Furcal
AGR-RH Roy Halladay
AGR-RHD Ryan Howard
AGR-RN Ricky Nolasco
AGR-RR Ricky Romero
AGR-SC Starlin Castro
AGR-SG Steve Garvey
AGR-SM Stan Musial
AGR-TH Tim Hudson
AGR-TL Tim Lincecum
AGR-TW Ted Williams
AGR-WM Willie Mays
AGR-WR Wilin Rosario
AGR-YD Yu Darvish
AGR-YG Yovani Gallardo
AGR-ZG Zack Greinke

2013 Allen & Ginter Non Baseball Relics Checklist
NBR-AB Amelia Boone
NBR-AL Artie Lange
NBR-AR Adam Richman
NBR-AV Abe Vigoda
NBR-B Byamba
NBR-BB Bonnie Bernstein
NBR-BBW Bobby Bowden
NBR-BK Brian Kelly
NBR-BM Barry Melrose
NBR-BW Bill Walton
NBR-CI Chanel Iman
NBR-CM Chris Mortensen
NBR-CT Chrissy Teigen
NBR-EON Ed O'Neill
NBR-FR Freddie Roach
NBR-JC John Calipari
NBR-JD Jason Dufner
NBR-JM Julia Mancuso
NBR-KH Kevin Harvick
NBR-LV Lindsey Vonn
NBR-MB Matthias Blonski
NBR-MBY Matthew Berry
NBR-MC Mark Cuban
NBR-MH Monty Hall
NBR-MJ Mike Joy
NBR-MM McKayla Maroney
NBR-MMC Mike McCarthy
NBR-NM Nana Meriwether
NBR-NS Nick Saban
NBR-NW Nik Wallenda
NBR-OC Olivia Culpo
NBR-P Pelé
NBR-PH Phil Heath
NBR-PM Penny Marshall
NBR-RJJ Roy Jones Jr.
NBR-SH Scott Hamilton
NBR-SN Shawn Nadelen
NBR-ZM Ziggy Marley

2013 Allen & Ginter Full Sized Relics Checklist
AGFR-AC Aroldis Chapman
AGFR-AD Adam Dunn
AGFR-AE Andre Ethier
AGFR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGFR-AJ Austin Jackson
AGFR-AL Adam Lind
AGFR-BB Brandon Beachy
AGFR-BBT Billy Butler
AGFR-BD Bobby Doerr
AGFR-BP Brandon Phillips
AGFR-BS Bruce Sutter
AGFR-CCS CC Sabathia
AGFR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
AGFR-CH Chris Heisey
AGFR-CK Craig Kimbrel
AGFR-CL Cliff Lee
AGFR-DB Darwin Barney
AGFR-DDJ David DeJesus
AGFR-DM Don Mattingly
AGFR-DW David Wright
AGFR-GG Goose Gossage
AGFR-HA Hank Aaron
AGFR-HN Hal Newhouser
AGFR-IK Ian Kinsler
AGFR-JG Johnny Giavotella
AGFR-JH Jason Heyward
AGFR-JM Justin Masterson
AGFR-JMA Joe Mauer
AGFR-JP Jake Peavy
AGFR-JPA J.P. Arencibia
AGFR-JU Justin Upton
AGFR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann
AGFR-LD Lucas Duda
AGFR-MM Miguel Montero
AGFR-MR Mariano Rivera
AGFR-RB Ryan Braun
AGFR-RC Rod Carew
AGFR-RJ Reggie Jackson
AGFR-RK Ralph Kiner
AGFR-RW Rickie Weeks
AGFR-RY Robin Yount
AGFR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
AGFR-SC Steve Carlton
AGFR-SMC Shaun Marcum
AGFR-SR Scott Rolen
AGFR-SS Stephen Strasburg
AGFR-TG Tony Gwynn
AGFR-TH Todd Helton
AGFR-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

2013 Allen & Ginter DNA Relics Checklist
DNA-AH1 Alexander Hamilton
DNA-AH2 Alexander Hamilton
DNA-AH3 Alexander Hamilton
DNA-AH4 Alexander Hamilton
DNA-AH5 Alexander Hamilton
DNA-E1 Edward VIII
DNA-E2 Edward VIII
DNA-JB John Brown
DNA-JFK1 John F. Kennedy
DNA-JFK2 John F. Kennedy

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