2013 Topps Chasing History Checklist

The Chasing History insert set features 50 great players chasing important milestone records in their team history or MLB history. The Chasing History Relic checklist is even larger with 58 players! There are also 39 Chasing History autographed cards, 50 Chasing History Cut Signature cards and 15 Chasing History autograph relics. However, not all of the players match up. For example, the 50 players that are in the regular Chasing History insert set are not the same as the 50 players that have Cut Signatures. Some are in both sets, some are only in one or the other. This is important for player and team collectors.

Which Chasing History cards will have the highest demand on eBay? The Cut Signatures should do great, and probably and Hall of Famer autograph...the top 2013 Topps Chasing History cards on eBay right now.


CH-1 Roy Halladay CH-2 Roberto Clemente
CH-3 Ian Kinsler CH-4 Cal Ripken Jr.
CH-5 Yogi Berra CH-6 Rod Carew
CH-7 Carlos Santana CH-8 Rickey Henderson
CH-9 Mariano Rivera CH-10 Lou Gehrig
CH-11 Babe Ruth CH-12 Evan Longoria
CH-13 Don Mattingly CH-14 Lou Brock
CH-15 Willie McCovey CH-16 Lance Berkman
CH-17 R.A. Dickey CH-18 Ken Griffey Jr.
CH-19 Harmon Killebrew CH-20 Reggie Jackson
CH-21 Frank Robinson CH-22 Matt Kemp
CH-23 George Brett CH-24 David Wright
CH-25 Frank Thomas CH-26 Chipper Jones
CH-27 Nolan Ryan CH-28 Tony Gwynn
CH-29 Stan Musial CH-30 Adam Dunn
CH-31 Warren Spahn CH-32 Brian Wilson
CH-33 Ted Williams CH-34 Robin Yount
CH-35 Hank Aaron CH-36 Kerry Wood
CH-37 Derek Jeter CH-38 Tom Seaver
CH-39 Jim Thome CH-40 Mike Schmidt
CH-41 Johan Santana CH-42 Alex Rodriguez
CH-43 CC Sabathia CH-44 Mark Buehrle
CH-45 Bob Feller CH-46 Hanley Ramirez
CH-47 Willie Mays CH-48 Paul Konerko
CH-49 Jackie Robinson CH-50 Sandy Koufax


CHR-AB Albert Belle
CHR-AC Aroldis Chapman
CHR-AD Adam Dunn
CHR-AE Andre Ethier
CHR-AJ Adam Jones
CHR-AJA Austin Jackson
CHR-AM Andrew McCutchen
CHR-AR Anthony Rizzo
CHR-BS Bruce Sutter
CHR-BW Brian Wilson
CHR-CG Curtis Granderson
CHR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
CHR-CJW C.J. Wilson
CHR-CK Clayton Kershaw
CHR-CL Cliff Lee
CHR-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
CHR-CS Carlos Santana
CHR-CSA Chris Sale
CHR-DG Dwight Gooden
CHR-DO David Ortiz
CHR-DW David Wright
CHR-EL Evan Longoria
CHR-FT Frank Thomas
CHR-GB George Brett
CHR-HK Harmon Killebrew
CHR-HP Hunter Pence
CHR-HR Hanley Ramirez
CHR-IK Ian Kinsler
CHR-IKE Ian Kennedy
CHR-JAH Jason Heyward
CHR-JB Jose Bautista
CHR-JC Johnny Cueto
CHR-JH Joel Hanrahan
CHR-JHA Josh Hamilton
CHR-JOV Joey Votto
CHR-JS Johan Santana
CHR-JUV Justin Verlander
CHR-JW Jered Weaver
CHR-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
CHR-LB Lance Berkman
CHR-MAM Matt Moore
CHR-MAT Mark Trumbo
CHR-MEC Melky Cabrera
CHR-MIC Miguel Cabrera
CHR-MIM Mike Moustakas
CHR-MIT Mike Trout
CHR-MK Matt Kemp
CHR-MS Mike Schmidt
CHR-NR Nolan Ryan
CHR-PK Paul Konerko
CHR-RH Rickey Henderson
CHR-RHA Roy Halladay
CHR-RJ Reggie Jackson
CHR-SC Starlin Castro
CHR-SM Stan Musial
CHR-TG Tony Gwynn
CHR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
CHR-YG Yovani Gallardo


CHA-AR Anthony Rizzo
CHA-CCS CC Sabathia
CHA-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
CHA-CSA Chris Sale
CHA-CST Carlos Santana
CHA-DG Dwight Gooden
CHA-DGO Dee Gordon
CHA-DJ David Justice
CHA-DM Don Mattingly
CHA-DS Duke Snider
CHA-DW David Wright
CHA-EL Evan Longoria
CHA-FR Fernando Rodney
CHA-FT Frank Thomas
CHA-GC Gary Carter
CHA-GS Gary Sheffield
CHA-GST Giancarlo Stanton
CHA-HA Hank Aaron
CHA-HR Hanley Ramirez
CHA-IN Ivan Nova
CHA-JA Jose Altuve
CHA-JB Jose Bautista
CHA-JH Joel Hanrahan
CHA-JP Jarrod Parker
CHA-JPO Johnny Podres
CHA-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
CHA-MAM Matt Moore
CHA-MAT Mark Trumbo
CHA-MIT Mike Trout
CHA-MS Mike Schmidt
CHA-NR Nolan Ryan
CHA-OC Orlando Cepeda
CHA-RH Rickey Henderson
CHA-RJ Reggie Jackson
CHA-SC Starlin Castro
CHA-SK Sandy Koufax
CHA-SM Stan Musial
CHA-TG Tony Gwynn
CHA-WF Whitey Ford


CHCS-AL Al Lopez
CHCS-BD Bobby Doerr
CHCS-BF Bob Feller
CHCS-BJ Bucky Jacobs
CHCS-BL Buck Leonard
CHCS-BLE Bob Lemon
CHCS-BM Bobby Murcer
CHCS-BT Bill Terry
CHCS-CG Charlie Gehringer
CHCS-CH Carl Hubbell
CHCS-CHU Cal Hubbard
CHCS-CK Cal Koonce
CHCS-CS Casey Stengel
CHCS-DC Don Cardwell
CHCS-DD Dizzy Dean
CHCS-DG Dick Groat
CHCS-DL Don Landrum
CHCS-DS Dick Sisler
CHCS-DSN Duke Snider
CHCS-DW Dick Williams
CHCS-ES Enos Slaughter
CHCS-GK George Kell
CHCS-HC Happy Chandler
CHCS-HG Hank Greenberg
CHCS-HK Harry Kalas
CHCS-HW Hoyt Wilhelm
CHCS-JB Jack Brickhouse
CHCS-JC John Callison
CHCS-JL Jim Lemon
CHCS-JR Jackie Robinson
CHCS-JRE Jimmie Reese
CHCS-JS Joe Sewell
CHCS-LB Lou Boudreau
CHCS-LD Leon Day
CHCS-LF Linus Frey
CHCS-LM Lee MacPhail
CHCS-RB Ray Boone
CHCS-RC Roy Campanella
CHCS-RCO Rip Collins
CHCS-RR Robin Roberts
CHCS-RS Ron Santo
CHCS-RSC Red Schoendienst
CHCS-SA Sparky Anderson
CHCS-SB Steve Boros
CHCS-TS Tris Speaker
CHCS-TW Ted Williams
CHCS-TW2 Ted Williams
CHCS-WC Walker Cooper
CHCS-WH Waite Hoyt
CHCS-WS Willie Stargell


CHAR-AR Anthony Rizzo
CHAR-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
CHAR-DG Dwight Gooden
CHAR-DW David Wright
CHAR-EL Evan Longoria
CHAR-HR Hanley Ramirez
CHAR-JB Jose Bautista
CHAR-JW Jered Weaver
CHAR-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
CHAR-MK Matt Kemp
CHAR-MT Mike Trout
CHAR-NR Nolan Ryan
CHAR-SM Stan Musial
CHAR-TG Tony Gwynn
CHAR-WM Willie McCovey

2 Responses to 2013 Topps Chasing History Checklist

  1. Larry Shipe says:

    How many color variations are in the Chasing History basic 50 card set? I have grey/silver as in your photos above and gold as in your Ripkin photo above and white, which you do not show. Are there any more? What is the order of value of these variations? Can anybody explain this to me? Thanks.

    • cparker94 says:

      The way I understand it, there is the regular set, the holographic foil set, and the gold set. I think the holographic a and golds are retail exclusives.

      Craig from Texas

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