2014 Topps Heritage Cut Signature Checklist

Getting a Topps Heritage Cut Signature out of a pack must be a great thrill and for 2014 Topps Heritage, it should be a big thrill as well. There are 20 different baseball cut signatures including Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Nolan Ryan, and Tom Seaver. Each card is serially numbered one of one.

Topps decided recently to add some non-baseball cut signatures to a traditionally all-baseball product. In 2014, there are twenty different celebrity cut signatures and each one is serially numbered one of one. These celebrities include Elvis Presley, John Wayne, and Jimmy Carter just to name a few. These cards are very rare to find in packs and would be a welcome surprise to anyone that finds one of these gems.

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2014 Topps Heritage 1965 Baseball Cut Signature Checklist
HCS-BR Brooks Robinson (Baltimore Orioles)
HCS-BS Bob Shaw (San Francisco Giants)
HCS-BV Bill Virdon (Pittsburgh Pirates)
HCS-CH Chuck Hinton (Cleveland Indians)
HCS-DG Don Gutteridge St. Louis Browns
HCS-EB Ed Brinkman (Washington Senators)
HCS-FR Frank Robinson (Cincinnati Reds)
HCS-GC Gordy Coleman (Cincinnati Reds)
HCS-GO Gene Oliver (Milwaukee Braves)
HCS-JP Johnny Podres (Los Angeles Dodgers)
HCS-JPA Jim Palmer (Baltimore Orioles)
HCS-JS Jake Striker (Cleveland Indians)
HCS-JST Jerry Staley (St. Louis Cardinals)
HCS-MH Mike Hershberger (Kansas City Athletics)
HCS-MS Moose Skowron (Chicago White Sox)
HCS-NB Nelson Briles (St. Louis Cardinals)
HCS-NR Nolan Ryan (New York Mets)
HCS-PK Pat Kelly (Chicago White Sox)
HCS-RJ Ron Jackson (Chicago White Sox)
HCS-TS Tom Seaver (New York Mets)

2014 Topps Heritage Celebrity Cut Signature Checklist
CCS-AG Art Garfunkel (Musician)
CCS-BG Bob Gibson (Baseball Player)
CCS-BW Betty White (Actress)
CCS-CH Charlton Heston (Actor)
CCS-CN Chuck Noll (Football Player/Coach)
CCS-EP Elvis Presley (Musician)
CCS-JB Johnny Bench (Baseball Player/Broadcaster)
CCS-JBU Jim Bunning (Baseball Player/Politician)
CCS-JC Jimmy Carter (U.S. President)
CCS-JK Jim Kaat (Baseball Player/Broadcaster)
CCS-JL Jack Lemmon (Actor/Musician)
CCS-JW John Wayne (Actor)
CCS-LP Lou Piniella (Baseball Player/Manager)
CCS-PR Phil Rizzuto (Baseball Player/Broadcaster)
CCS-RS Ron Santo (Baseball Player/Broadcaster)
CCS-RST Roger Staubach (Football Player)
CCS-SC Steve Carlton (Baseball Player)
CCS-SM Stan Musial (Baseball Player)
CCS-TL Tommy Lasorda (Baseball Player/Manager)
CCS-TM Tim McCarver (Baseball Player/Broadcaster)

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